Beyoncé does more than just perform

Beyoncé donates to HBCU’s after Coachella performance

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Beyoncé does more than just perform

Kori Barnes, News Reporter

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After the incredibly acclaimed performance of top notch performer Beyoncé Knowles, the new definition of HBCU can be known as Beyoncé University a.k.a HBeyCU.

Not only has Beyoncé created a new name for HBCU’s that went viral on social media as fans spreaded #HBeyCU, but also took over Coachella as BeyChella. As the first African-American woman to headline at Coachella, she definitely left her mark with her philanthropy, performance and spark.

It’s a known fact that Beyoncé brings her A-game with every performance and you’re not entirely sure what to expect, but you know it’s going to be ah-mazing. At her Coachella performance, she decided to take the opportunity of serenading and highlighting the intricate culture of African Americans.

The crowd was entertained by the elite band acoustics, majorette dance team lines, the ultimate probate, step shows and Bey strutting her own signature Black Greek Letter Organization (BAK) hoodie. Despite performing in front of a predominately white crowd, she chose to showcase HBCU origins and culture that is generally stripped at a PWI (Predominantly White Institutions).

However, the singer is not new to appreciating and empowering women. Last year, in celebration of the one year anniversary of her groundbreaking Lemonade album, she launched the creation of her founded Formation Scholars Award Program.

Two  of the four schools that were eligible to apply for this particular scholarship were HBCU’s Howard University and Spelman College. This scholarship focused solely on young women applicants who were “unafraid to think outside the box and are bold, creative, conscious and confident,” these characteristics were inspired by her vulnerable Lemonade album.  

During the time of this announcement in my junior year of high school, oh how I wished I’d already graduated and attended one of the HBCU’s to be eligible to apply.

In 2018, Beyoncé announced she would donate $100,000 to four Historically Black Colleges and Universities through her #BeyGood initiative. Due to Beyoncé’s generous power move, Google announced they were going to match Queen Bey’s donation by granting four HBCU students an additional $25,000 for scholarships.

The four schools granted the first round of #BeyGood scholarships after the release of Lemonade are still eligible to apply, including the new added schools: Texas Southern University, Fisk University, Grambling University, and Morehouse College.

At this point, how could you not love Beyoncé? In my eyes, she’s a fantastic symbol of woman empowerment, strength and positivity. The donations she has given to HBCU students is inspiring because a majority of youthful African-Americans are overlooked and aren’t given a chance.

Although, I won’t be attending an HBCU in the fall, after learning more on the important culture of the universities and Beyoncé’s epic Coachella performance, her actions inspired me to gain more knowledge and explore the HBCU culture.

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