Holiday Deal or Holiday Steal?

Kennedy Curtis, News Writer

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Tis the season to be sneaky. Now that the holidays are just around the corner you may be looking really hard to find some good deals, but there are some potential risks.

While you’re finding ways to save money, scammers are finding ways to steal it from you.

Scams throughout the year are at their highest during the holiday season.This is mainly because people are always trying to find a quick, easy way to save money without even taking precautions to see that they are potentially being scammed.

This situation becomes even worse when online shopping comes into play.According to CNN, a marketing farm named Criteo discovered, “Over 40 percent of all sales in November and December 2017 were made on mobile phones and the trend is only expected to grow.” This is because every year a higher amount of people do their holiday shopping online rather than actually going to stores.

But don’t worry. I’m here to give you some helpful tips on how not to get scammed during the most wonderful time of the year.

First off, never download apps that promise better, cheaper prices! Only download apps from credible sources such as the App Store or Google Play. If the app doesn’t come from either of these two things then it’s most likely a scam.

Another tip is to be cautious with the emails that you receive. I can’t even tell you the amount of emails that I get that aren’t even relevant. They’re just people trying to scam me out of my money and offering me free gift cards that don’t exist.

A popular trend with online scams through email is that some scammers like to send you fake emails that resemble those of your favorite stores to easily trick you

Then, once you click on the link, the website will have you fill out personal information which is something you should never do, especially for a sale. If this ever happens to you, then ask yourself, “Would this store really ask for my social security number?” Hint: the answer is always no.

Finally the last step, which most people don’t consider, is to trust your gut. If it seems too good to be true then that’s just it, it’s too good to be true. If you feel that something is suspicious then immediately get off the site.

Don’t feel that because you’re saving money that it’s worth it because it’s not, especially when it comes to your personal information.

And besides what’s the worst thing that can happen if you don’t take a chance on a potential scam? You won’t get to buy that new pair of shoes that you’ve been dying to get or that really cool jacket that’s trending?

Honestly that’s not even a big deal. I’m sure you’ll have more than enough chances to buy something you really want for a sale that isn’t trying to scam you. Besides, it’s the holidays! Instead of searching the internet for affordable gifts how about you embrace the gift you already have, the gift of family.

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Holiday Deal or Holiday Steal?