Why we shouldn’t say the n-word

Kennedy Curtis, News Writer

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A basic concept everyone understands today is that the n-word is only for black people to use, but it’s time for everyone to realize “nigger” is a forbidden word that no one of any race is allowed to say.

Originally the n-word was used to degrade black people and to falsely remind them that they will always be inferior to the white man, but over time its purpose has changed. Black people have transformed the n-word from a derogatory term to a form of empowerment.

Now when black people say “my nigga” it no longer means “my slave”, it means “my friend”.
I applaud the black society for taking a stand and claiming that this horrid word that haunted them for generations will no longer have a negative effect on them; however, I don’t think continuing to say the n-word is the right way to go.

Instead, everyone should just stop saying the n-word all together simply because it is the literal embodiment of black oppression. When we say the n-word, we totally disregard the brutal history behind it.

The n-word first originated in the mid-1800s around the time when slavery started in the United States. According to “Learning the N-word,” an article written by Adam Cherry, the n-word was “used by whites to reinforce the role of blacks as people who obey orders.”

Those very people who “obeyed orders” were the millions of people who worked excruciating hours in cotton fields, were sexually assaulted, beaten and on normal occasions killed.

Simply put, it was a constant reminder to black people they didn’t have nor deserved any rights.

And no matter what, they would not only be seen as inferior, but also think of themselves as inferior. It was a tactic to dehumanize blacks.

But once slavery was abolished and black people finally earned their civil rights you would think the n-word would disappear right? Think again. In literally every rap song I hear “nigga” is constantly popping up.

Every time I’m walking the hallways to my next class “What up nigga” or “Sup nigga” is always said behind me.

Why is such a nasty, disgusting word that broke down the true identity of black people still being said today?

It’s all because as a society we popularized the n-word and by doing so we are allowing ourselves to be ignorant on its true meaning all because it seems “cool” or “hip,” but it’s really not. It’s stupid and ignorant.

And I know there’s this perspective that if you don’t use the hard “er” then it’s not really the n-word, but that’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

You cannot purposely mispronounce a word in order to create a new word, that’s just not going to cut it.

And if you still don’t understand why we shouldn’t say the n-word, think of this. Think of crying people in chains stuffed in small boats, carried across continents.

Think of families being separated from each other as their sold to their masters.Think of generations of people through history never knowing if they will ever be free.

Is this a word we really want to continue saying?

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