A week without everything I love

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A week without everything I love

Kennedy Curtis, News Reporter

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As March rolled around the corner, I was excited for a multitude of things: warmer weather, longer days and getting my hands dirty with my mom in our garden. Unfortunately, I forgot about one teeny, tiny thing: Lent.

For those of you who don’t know, Lent is a religious event that lasts for six weeks from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

It primarily recognizes the forty days Jesus resisted temptation from Satan while he was in the Judean Desert before he started his public ministry.

It’s a way most Catholics and Christians believe to honor Jesus for all the things he has done for the human race.

People have different ways of participating in Lent. Some take part by fasting and/or eliminating certain foods from their diets like meat and fish while others try to do a godly act a day.

As for my family, we give up things we love the most and replace it with spending time with God to further develop our relationship with him.

This year, I practically went full out. I gave up Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, TV and social media. So, basically, everything that makes a normal teenager happy.

Initially, I was super excited. For the past few years, I always gave up something that wasn’t that much of a challenge for me like replacing a bag of chips with an apple or only watching 30 minutes of television every day.

I realized that I never truly gave up anything important which meant I was missing the whole purpose of Lent. However, this year I wanted it to be different.

To be completely honest, the first two weeks were absolute agony. From someone who watches Netflix and Youtube every day, it was super hard adjusting to not using it at all.

There were times when I would open the app on my phone and browse just from habit, but then I had to quickly remind myself I wasn’t allowed to do that anymore.

I fell into complete boredom, laying on my bed staring at my ceiling, thinking of all the things I could do that didn’t include entertainment from my phone.

And, yes, I understood this time was for me to read the Bible and spend time with God, but once I finished that I seriously felt like there was nothing for me to do. At that point, 40 days felt more like an eternity.

Thankfully, as the weeks passed, it eventually got easier. I came up with a few activities to do to pass the time.

I began to start doing some of my favorite hobbies again that I was able to do before like reading, listening to music and writing.

These things definitely filled in the gaps during my day and helped me to relax from all the stress I was feeling. It was nice to have some me time and really treat myself.

In the end, giving up tv and social media was a hard challenge, but also a good challenge. I felt like I got closer to God and I realized that there are more activities for me to do that aren’t on my phone. It helped me become more mindful with myself.

You can become more mindful too, but please don’t think you have to do it for religious purposes as I did.You can slowly step away from technology whenever you want to branch out and try new or old things.

I think it’s important for everyone to have some time to themselves to think and reflect. In our society, it’s heavily influenced that we should be extroverted and constantly around others, but that’s not the case.

It’s okay to spend time with others, but it’s also important to spend time with yourself. Whether it’s taking a nice, long bath or eating your favorite food, always remember to take care of yourself and your needs. Put yourself first.

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