Student government changes senior activities

Kennedy Curtis, News Writer

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The traditional end of the year activities for the senior class have been replaced by the student government due to low attendance in the past.
The Odyssey Fun World trip, senior picnic, and senior talent show are some of these activities that were replaced.

For a higher attendance, the student government decided to put all the events on the same day and at the same location.

“We decided in the beginning of the year to go with a new direction to try and change the senior event for the better,” said senior class sponsor Alyssa Marrasa. “We wanted to do something different to keep interest and make it more local so more students could be able to attend it.”

New activities have been created by the student government to ensure the seniors enjoy themselves.
The majority of South Building will be used for the event, with each activity designated to a specific part of the building.

According to Marrasa, there will be “karaoke in the auditorium, wicked ball in the gym, a silent disco in the sweat box, free food in the cafeteria and a game room in the TLC area.”

There will also be photo booths around the building so the seniors can capture their last moments together.

Near the end of the day the students will be directed to the auditorium for senior edition, where a video will be showed of the memories they’ve made throughout their four years of high school. Shortly after that will be a “giant giveway”, according to Marrasa in which students can win over a hundred prizes of “iPads, TVs, computers, baskets and dozens of gift cards”.

Marrasa is assured student government’s decision to change the senior activities was the right thing to do, but not everyone feels the same way.

Many were angered with the seniors activities being changed, such as senior Anton Brooks.

“The picnic and talent show shouldn’t have been taken away because those are classic senior triumph moments that should still be a part of our celebration of our accomplishments!” Brooks said. “A silent party may be nice but I think Jeopardy and Karaoke are pretty watered-down versions of what we could have done as seniors.”
Some also believe the seniors didn’t have a chance to put in their input.

“The student government would have received much more feedback if they had announced something like, “We’re changing the senior activities. Come out to a student government meeting if you would like to give your input”,” senior Abigail Guerrero said. “The fact of the matter is that the changes made did not represent the opinions of the student body.”
Marrasa said the reason so many people are reacting negatively is because “ change is scary for a lot of people” and some are afraid they’re “missing out on other experiences”.

Despite how others feel about the changed activities she believes the seniors will enjoy themselves as they celebrate their last hooray.

“We’re really hoping the senior class realize that this is gonna be a great event and I’m confident that it should succeed,” Marrasa said. “I hope they understand change can be good and we’re hoping to set a presence for the years to come of this giant event we know to be successful at other schools.”

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