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Sewing Machine by tsuacctnt, Creative Commons
New Advanced Clothing Construction Class
Nizhoni Ward, Feature Editor • September 21, 2021

This year, H-F has brought in many new classes, staff and rules. A new class that was brought into as a new elective is advanced clothing construction....

Scott Wakely in a meeting discussing finances.
H-F Under New Leadership
September 17, 2021
Scene from Dont Breathe(left) and scene from Dont Breathe 2(right).
Does the Sequel Measure Up To Its Predecessor?
Lailah Taylor, Staff Writer • September 21, 2021

Many have seen the hit movie “Don’t Breathe”, and many were anticipating a well written action packed sequel. But the question is, did...

Photo Courtesy of Geffen Records
The Rise of Olivia Rodrigo
September 20, 2021
Do you struggle with procrastination? Ben Turnquest portrays the complex emotions that come with procrastinating.
Exposing the Procrastinator in All of Us
Nandi Smith, Feature Writer • December 17, 2020
How has your perspective of e-learning changed since March? Elliana Dastici explores this question in her vertical short film, How I Spent My Senior Year.
Cinematic Ode to the Days That Were
December 17, 2020
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