Principal Sets Up A Kickback To Motivate Students.


On Dec. 9 from 6:30-9:30, the school is hosting a kickback for the students to come out and have fun at H-F.

Even though it’s a fun activity for the students to go to, there are requirements that need to be met in order to attend.

 Students must have no tardies, no referrals, and at least a C or better in all courses and they must provide their current H-F ID to enter. These requirements span the time period of Friday, Nov. 11 through Wednesday, Dec. 7. 

This is a good opportunity for students to come out, have fun together and enjoy their night, but what’s the main objective of this event?

According to principal Clinton Alexander, the school gained interest in the kickback for the purpose of uplifting and celebrating students.

“The main objective is to celebrate students’ success and embrace the victories of being good students and good citizens,” Alexander said.

One of his goals is to keep students motivated and keep their heads on straight for the remainder of the school year. 

“It’s a good way to stay motivated to do better and remain better throughout the rest of the school year,” Alexander continued. 

All the information about this event has been put out at this time, there are no small details or any other hidden agendas behind it.

“There is no hidden agenda, it’s for the students to have a good time. It was all planned by the administration and myself so everything is all out there,” said Alexander.

There are many exciting things that were planned for the students to have the best time they can have at this kickback.

According to administrators, there will be a live DJ, basketball games, volleyball games, flag football, a free 360 photo booth, light refreshments and plenty of dancing. 

Some students have their own opinion about the kickback in general and the requirements that are in place to go.

Junior Kailah Brooks feels that “ it’s a good thing that we’re allowed to do fun things outside of the school together with the principal’s permission.”

Even though students are on board with most of the requirements for the kickback, there is one requirement they aren’t really big fans of. 

“The only requirement I’m not a fan of is the tardies. You never know what can happen in the morning or between class periods so I think they should lower that standard a little bit,” Brooks said.

Throughout the school year so far, students have noticed how genuine and caring the principal is. Some even wonder why he cares so much about their success.

Also according to Alexander, “I know how important it is to be successful at your age, it’s my responsibility to prepare all the students for post-secondary success.”

Students seem to appreciate Alexander’s student-focused ideas and motivational approach to leading.

According to junior Angelica Davis, “it’s great how the principal is bringing everyone together and having them celebrate their achievements through an incentive.” 

Alexander’s purpose for the kickback has been communicated clearly to students, as they feel included and supported. 

“It shows that he cares for students’ education but having fun too,” Davis said. 

Overall, the students are going to have a great time at the kickback and make long-lasting memories with their peers.

It can also be seen how students actually respect the principal and his efforts to make the school even better than it already is and help students become even more successful.