How the rap is destroying the community


Rap music is destroying our adolescence and no one seems to be noticing. Scientist scans showed that the areas of the brain concerning motivation, language, emotion, motor function and sensory processing were at work.

 Rap is able to hack into the brain and make people think differently. Rap music is a trap for young kids between the ages of 10-15 years old.

Stephen Kresovich is a scientist who experiments on brains and the human body at Cornell University. In his study he explains what rap does to the mind.

 Taken collectively, 28% of the songs included references to anxiety, over a fifth mentioned depression, and 6% touched on suicide. ” We found a statistically significant increase in the proportion of popular rap songs that reference depression, suicide, and metaphors about mental health struggles,” Kresovich noted. 

 Rap music increases profanity, drugs, violence and sexual slang in the youth society. lack culture is already poisoned with drugs, weed, and rap music. 

People don’t understand how dumb it is just to listen to a song, there are songs that actually give messages but now songs are just promoting drinking and smoking.

 For example, if you listen to Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love Of All the song is going to make you feel l loved and make you want to do something good. On the contrary, if you listen to Juice World’s Lucid Dreams, you’re going to feel depressed and not loved. In my opinion, rap music should be restricted to youth and teenagers.

 If you go back to the history of rap, artists like 2PAC and The Notorious B.I.G were actually telling life stories and lessons they learned in their life. In this time rap has changed a lot just from people not caring about the black community, all people care about is money and their music record or contract.

 Some rappers are controlled to make music with negative diction so it destroys the youth. 

If you think about it, rappers just want money, they don’t care about what they have to do to acquire the money. If you watch Straight Out Of Compton the movie will show you how rap culture really works. 

Back in the 1990s rappers used to talk about decreasing violence and not doing drugs. Ice T made a song called Pusher to warn people not to do drugs and then he made another three years later called New Jack Hustler and was rapping about him selling drugs. Black people don’t realize how influential music can be to their kids, parents have their kids listening to rap way too young and the parents don’t even realize how bad it really is.

 The music industry just cares about profiting from money, they don’t care about destroying the generations to come. That’s what’s wrong with the world now if we all come together as a family we will coexist better.

 Mainly rappers speak about irrelevant stuff, but sometimes rappers apply what is going on in the real world to their lyrics. Lil Baby made the song The Bigger Picture because George Floyd was killed due to police brutality, Lil Baby was rapping about how it’s bigger than black and white and if we stand up we can stop racism and madness. Some rap music can be good but it can also be bad. So hopefully you learned a lot about the rap industry and to not listen to it never again.