Mic Dropped on Lip Sync’s Tenth Anniversary


Graphic by Lailah Taylor

Graphic representing Lip Sync being canceled.

Lailah Taylor, Staff Writer

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the student favorite competition, Lip Sync, has been canceled, on what would’ve been the show’s ten year anniversary.

Homewood-Flossmoor’s annual Viking Television (VTV) production was unable to proceed, due to a lack of student sign ups. 

It is common knowledge that the H-F student body and faculty look forward to this stimulating event every year, so it was a true letdown when fans heard that the December spectacle wouldn’t happen.

Lip Sync is a competition where self-dubbed groups or singular acts choose a school-appropriate song or remix to perform to. The crowd and a panel of faculty-chosen judges decide the winner(s). The winner(s) receive a large cash prize. 

Along with the competition allowing students to express themselves on stage, root for their peers, and step outside their comfort zone; “ It is an event that represents the school well and displays school spirit,” said Mark Ciesielski, the director of Lip Sync.

Ciesielski had the disappointing realization that Lip sync may not happen, when at the first informational meeting “only 4 out of the 16 groups that signed up showed up”.

 In a hopeful effort to save the production, Ciesielski sent out a school-wide email asking for students to sign up.

“Last chance to save Lip Sync this year! As of today, only 5 groups have committed to being in the Lip Sync Contest.  We need 10 in order to run the contest.  If you are interested and can throw a group together in one day, we’d love to hear from you,” was the headline of the email.

Ciesielski emphasized that he was not the only one truly excited about this event.

“We even had numerous teachers new to H-F and teachers who haven’t participated in lip sync before signing up to create a music video as an advertisement for Lip Sync,” said Ciesielski. 

Students even expressed their disappointments that Lip Sync wouldn’t be happening.

“I was really excited for the show and it’s sad that people don’t have enough school spirit to participate,” said Nia Williams, VTV producer.

No one truly knows why the student body didn’t have the desire to participate, but some have their theories.

“I think people are too worried about what other people have to say about what they do, instead of doing what could actually be fun,” said Williams.

Although the turnout was not what VTV had hoped for, it is a fact that VTV did everything they could to get people involved.

“We here at VTV tried everything in our power to try and create Lip Sync. We did everything from airing special segments to handing out our personal advertisements,” said Aden Kozel, VTV TV Manager.

Lip sync is quite the event that people should partake in, 2021 Lip Sync participant, Athena Davis suggests.

“Given the chance to participate again, I would because I like to perform. Altogether it was a  great experience,” said Davis.

And yet, VTV has made it possible for students to have another chance at participating in an event similar to Lip Sync.

Viking’s Got Talent has made its return after a decade. Students of any age may sign up and showcase their talents. VTV has hope that this event will take place even though Lip Sync couldn’t.

 But don’t worry H-F: “Lip Sync will make its return next year,” according to Ciesielski.