Musically Talented Vikings at H-F


Fine Arts has always been a relevant factor of H-F

As of now the H-F Theater Department are in the works of the upcoming musical, Tuck Everlasting, that will be premiering in April.

Tuck Everlasting is about a young girl who wants to know what’s going on outside of her home. One day she was searching through her family’s forest and came across another character, ‘Jesse Tuck,’ who drank from the fresh-water spring that would turn them immortal. 

J.R. Willard-Rose, one of the Fine Arts teachers at H-F, is the director and creator of the play.

Rose talks about how there isn’t necessarily one lead but there are 10 principle characters and that the story is centered around the character ‘Winnie.’ He also talks about how he feels that the people chosen were the best in the room. He felt like their voices were right for the characters, they had amazing acting choices, and the callbacks assured him that they’d create wonderful characters.

Finding people who can help a story be upstanding can sometimes be challenging due the many options to choose from.

“We’ve had so many talented people come out. The difficult part was having to say no people that were really talented, I think that’s always the hardest part of casting. We have so many talented kids here that putting all the pieces together to find the right mix is what’s hard,” Rose explains.

Jazmin Rhodes, junior at H-F, plays the character ‘Mae’ in the play.

“I was honestly really surprised when I saw the callback list and saw that I’d be casted as Mae. There is so much talent at this school and in our theater department so it was honestly really unexpected,” Rhodes said. 

Of course, it is common for almost everyone to get anxious and to overthink about something big coming up or that recently happened.

Rhodes talked about how she felt the most nervous when it was getting close to auditions and how she practiced for hours. She then talked about how, when it was time to audition, she felt fine and that she wasn’t worried about anything else. She was in the moment and felt as if she could be herself.

Rhodes found that it is also important to try and form some kind of bond with the people you’re working with, even if it’s successful or not.

Rhodes claimed, “In the show a lot of us are playing a family, but off stage we really are a family. I talk to nearly everyone in the cast all the time and have classes with them and they’re all really amazing and I can’t wait to work with them.”

Stella Hoyt, a senior at H-F, is also part of the cast and plays the character “Winnie.”

Hoyt talks about how even though she’s been in theater her entire life she’s still always nervous when she auditions. She was more nervous this time because it’s in the Spring and it’s a big deal to be included in it.

Being apart of something that’s major should motivate you to do your absolute best.

“When I found out I was cast as Winnie I was beyond excited. I started listening to this show last year and I immediately fell in love with it. Winnie is supposed to be an eleven year old girl so I know I wouldn’t be able to play this role unless I was in high school. Winnie is a dream role for me and I cannot believe I still get to play it,” Hoyt stated.

It’s important that the people you work with are somewhat passionate about and enjoy what they do, or else the outcome won’t be positive.

Hoyt says, “Considering that the theater department is just one big family, behind the scenes of auditions, callbacks, and rehearsals are truly just us having fun.” She continued that “I get to spend every day after school hanging out with the most supportive adults and the most incredible friends.”

The skillful cast and crew seem to be passionate about the future play.

So coming out to support them would make them even prouder.