H-F Additions

H-F has been adding more and more prominent additions, the latest addition being newly painted doors. Superintendent Scott Wakely is one of the people in charge of all of the school spirit decisions that are made. 

“The outsides of our school are beautiful and all the common spaces present school spirit but as you walk through the corridors there’s not much there,” said Wakely. 

Every year the school spirit boardwalks around the school to see what needs to be fixed and repaired. They also think about what they can do to make the students feel better.

“We look at what we can fix to make students feel better about being at school and persuading them to have more school spirit.”

 Clinton Alexander, H-F’s principal, and his principal advisory which has about 70 students wanted to implement more school spirit into H-F. 

 For all the work that was done, including wrapped doors, refurbished windows, and more upcoming projects. It cost around $20,000. The school’s budget has a maintenance budget that they used for renovation around the school.  

 Some students question if adding visuals matters or are a crucial thing that they need currently. Students at H-F have mixed opinions when it comes to how the budget of H-F is used. 

Amira Teasley, student at H-F, thought that the money could be used to renovate the bathrooms in both buildings; and it could be implemented into stopping rodents and insects from coming into the school.

“There are more things in the school that can be fixed than just the appearance. There are things we need that are required and not wanted.”

When making these changes the school takes the students’ opinions and thoughts into consideration when making decisions and changes. 

The school is listening to the students and taking their requests into consideration. They hear your opinion and value your thoughts.