Seniors embark on H-F’s first Senior Class trip


Almeda Wallace , Staff Writer

This year it was decided that the Class of 2023 are able to go on a senior trip. This is the first time in H-F’s history that seniors have been awarded a trip.

On May 20, seniors are headed to Six Flags Great America from 10pm to 3am. The park is hosting their grad nite which is another reason why the trip is possible. 

The park will be closed off to the general public making this a private event for our seniors. The park is also offering an all you can eat buffet, DJ’s, a dance area and obviously the roller coasters.

A student who helped the administration decide on this location for their trip, Tate Bowers 

Students had other options and were able to vote on which location they would like to go, and they settled on Six Flags.

“I am ecstatic about the agreement that we have reached with the administration for the trip! I respect Dr.Alexander so much for his commitment to doing what’s best for the students at H-F. I can’t wait for all of the end of the year activities to come,” said Bowers 

Based on her and her friends’ desire to have a good end of the year, they put their plan into action for the rest of the seniors to enjoy themselves as well.

“Throughout our time at H-F, we realized that our peers’ school spirit was declining as time passed. With that, we thought that this would be the perfect event for everyone to look forward to. It is a great opportunity and hopefully it can be contributed for all of the senior classes to come,” said Bowers.

Bowers wanted herself and the other students in her class to have an opportunity to have some genuine fun before their high school career comes to an end. 

“My friends and I got the idea to propose a senior trip because we wanted to end our last year of highschool with a bang!”

A lot of students are excited for this upcoming trip,Senior Layla Kimmons had a few about her excitement for the trip. 

“I’m kind of excited about the trip, it’s not super great but it’s still cool,” Kimmons said. 

Along with Kimmons, senior Mckenzie Ray is also eager to attend this trip.

“As a new senior, I would say that I am excited for the trip especially because I’ve never seen Six Flags late at night with my graduating class.” 

Even though the trip is already set in stone, some people have had their doubts about the location and if the trip was actually the best choice. While others think it’s a great idea. 

“I think it’s a good idea, it’s Six Flags at a later time which makes the trip different and adds a  fun aspect to it,” Kimmons said.

This trip also allows the seniors to become closer and connect more with each other by having the same experience. 

“I do feel like the trip in general is a great idea because it gives the graduating class a way to connect, especially being H-F ran,” Ray said. 

COVID affected a few high school  classes, 2023 being one of them making them even more deserving of a fun trip.

“We deserve this trip because we’re a good class and managed to survive our 4 years even with the COVID gap in the middle,” Said Kimmons. 

Just like Kimmons, other seniors believe that this fun experience is well deserved due to the things they’ve been through throughout their 4 years of school. 

“I do believe we deserve a trip because we’ve been through  so much throughout our highschool years,” Ray said. 

If Six Flags was not an option or the place selected, seniors thought Universal Studios or Cedar Point were other good options.

Since this is the first senior trip of H-F history, the question “will the next senior classes be able to receive a trip as well?” still remains.