May marks new National Honor Society members


Photo by Imani Nunn

Sophmores Michae Rush and Madison Harris

Imani Nunn, Staff Writer

The H-F chapter of the NHS program hosted an induction ceremony on the night of May 15.

There were around 131 new students inducted into the program, adding to the current 200 NHS members.

NHS is a program offered to students who excel in academics. To apply, students need to have at least a 3.4 GPA or higher, are in higher level classes, and involved in extracurricular activities at the school.

On average, about 20% of sophomores and juniors receive letters to apply for the program and around 30-40% of students are admitted each year.

Here at H-F, the sponsors Michelle Kozik and Tiffany Stewart-Williams choose students based on these four pillars: character, leadership, service, and scholarship.

Kozik took part in the program as a teen and now wants NHS members to experience the same feeling.

“Some of my most vivid memories from high school involve the service hours I did while a member of NHS. Serving as a volunteer provided a sense of purpose and helped me recognize how great it felt to help others. I want our NHS members to have an opportunity to do and feel the same and, in turn, help out local organizations,” said Kozik.

Because of the NHS programs offered, Stewart-Williams carried the skills she learned on into college with her and sees the program as influential.

“I was in both NJHS and NHS and it provided me with a great opportunity to give back to my community and build relationships with like-minded students who were on the same path. I was able to make connections, create, and foster relationships that helped prepare me for college,” Stewart-Williams said.

 Sophomore Kendall Pace was delighted to be initiated into NHS.

“I feel good and excited that I was able to be picked and inducted into a prestigious program such as this and I and I can’t wait to be in the club,” Pace said. 

For many seniors, this new beginning marks the end of a career as an NHS member. For a lot of those seniors, this ending is bittersweet. 

According to senior president Mya Guyton, “I wish I could be here to see how NHS runs next year. This year we started off rocky but with the dedication of our sponsors, we were able to come up with a plan for the future that I think will be super beneficial for future members. I enjoy every moment spent doing NHS related things and I hope I can be a part of something similar like this in college.” 

Vice President Larsen Prokop is sad that this is his last year taking part in the program but he is hopeful for the program continuing after he’s gone.

“I’m definitely upset to be leaving, especially with how it seems like NHS is on the brink of really taking off, but I am excited to see where the new leadership can take the club,” Prokop said.

All current and incoming NHS students see a brighter future and bigger changes coming to NHS.