Homewood-Flossmoor’s New Businesses Flourish

Homewood-Flossmoor has recently been flourishing with new and improved businesses. From florists to coffee shops, neighborhood businesses have boomed since the pandemic.

After 62 years, the beloved Homewood Florist owners Marty and Kyle Arrivo have decided to retire and close shop. Upon closing, the space is now going to be occupied by Bergstein’s NY Deli. 

Bergstein’s Deli was previously located in Chicago Heights, but as the business expanded, there became a need for a larger space. 

“Our catering business has grown and our menu has evolved to the point that our current kitchen is both too small and inefficient…when we had the opportunity to move to a larger location and put in a new kitchen that is designed to fit our specific business we felt like we had to take it.” stated Bill Davis, owner of Bergstein’s NY Deli. 

The deli offers a wide variety of NY delicatessen staples, and has a very casual yet charming city-like atmosphere. 

“With this move we are hoping to keep our existing customer base, since we won’t be very far, but also capture new customers,” stated Davis. 

The deli will additionally begin offering a breakfast menu upon opening the new location. Because of the close vicinity of the Homewood train station, Davis expects the deli to thrive during high-traffic morning hours. 

In addition to a new neighborhood, Davis stated he is excited to “participate in festivals, showcase local art and hopefully bring back our open mic nights.” The new location is expected to open towards the end of September or early October 2023.

Across town, Hidden Gem Guitars recently opened to the public on April 1. The shop is owned by Flossmoor resident Kyle Asche. Asche moved to Flossmoor in 2013, and said it has been a dream of his since then. 

“Over the last 10 years, it’s been a dream of mine to bring my experience as a professional guitarist, music educator and guitar collector and enthusiast to Flossmoor,” he stated. Asche also teaches guitar to students in the shop.

The shop sells new and used guitars, as well as vintage equipment and has buy, sell or trade consignment options. It also offers guitar repair services as well as lesson programs. 

“As a teacher, I’m also interested in using my talent and experience to help local musicians develop their skills,” Asche said. 

Until the shop falls into a routine of open hours, Asche encourages customers to check Facebook or Instagram at the beginning of the week to see what hours the shop will be open. “I invite everyone to stop by and have a look or plug a guitar in and make some noise!” he said.