Strength and performance makes gains at H-F

Strength and performance makes gains at H-F

For years H-F has had one of the best gyms in the state. Huge basketball courts, indoor soccer and football fields, and a weight room that would put most colleges to shame. Even though we had all these resources our teams were never able to reach their full potential. To change that the athletic department decided to hire a new coach that focuses on building strength and athleticism.

Last year, Homewood-Flossmoor High School hired former Bradley-Bourbonnais High School strength and performance coach Adam Vogel to help strengthen H-F’s athletes by revolutionizing workouts and revamping equipment.

Vogel added a new strength and performance class that juniors and seniors can enroll in where they can increase their strength and athleticism.

“Student-athletes have a demanding schedule and providing Strength and Performance as a PE class provides them more time after school for the practice of their sport or academics,” said Vogel.
The newly revamped class consists of new workouts and equipment that will highlight improving an athlete’s athletic performance.

“Strength and Performance consist of strength training, linear and multi-directional movement, core/trunk engagement, joint mobility and stability, flexibility and other additional elements that improve an athlete’s performance,” said Vogel. “Strength and Performance is based on scientific research, peer-reviewed research and what leading athletic performance programs use at multiple levels.  The program draws techniques and exercises from levels as high as professional organizations, collegiate programs, high school curriculums and the private sector.”

This class isn’t available to everyone though, only seniors and juniors can enroll in these classes, but both upper and lower classman can attend after-school workouts.

“Workouts after school serve a multitude of purposes,” said Vogel. “Student-athletes that cannot fit or that choose to take another PE class still have the opportunity to get their training in after school.”
Seasonal student-athletes can do additional training after school as it is difficult to get all the training they may need for their sport(s), position(s) or as athletes during the day.

“I love the class,” said senior Jameon Wright. “It’s a great way for teens to improve their health and lock in with their  teammates during the day.”

These new classes will without a doubt change the culture of H-F’s sports program and will give the sports more opportunities to excel.

“We have great student-athletes and coaches.  If we can take one thing off their plate so that they can concentrate more on the technical and tactical aspects of their sport, that is outstanding,” said Vogel. “It’s been great working with our teams as our coaches, teachers, administration, and community only want the best for our student-athletes.  We want their 4-year high school experience to be memorable.”

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