Badminton returns with a smash

Badminton returns with a smash

Badminton season is starting in the spring, which means the team is preparing and training hard  to be a tough competitor for their competitions. 

Badminton is a sport where you use a racket and a birdie, similar to tennis. Usually, there are either one or two players on each side of the court competing against each other. To win a game of badminton you have to play best out of three, which means you have to win two out of the three matches.

Badminton weight training started around December and takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to lift weights, and do agility training all in the North Building weight room. The purpose of the training is to have better performances.

 On Sundays, they have an open gym, which means the team would get together and have the opportunity to play casual games against each other. That day is called Sunday Night Smash, according to head coach Alexander Pratt.

“On Sundays, the girls have the opportunity to come in and hit around and play games,” Pratt said. 

Practices usually aren’t much different to the lift days and Sunday scrimmages. 

“At the beginning of practice do laps,” according to senior four-time varsity badminton player Violet Quirke. “We usually do drills, and towards the end of practice we do gameplay.” 

This year the team is looking forward to this upcoming season and they are super excited. The girls hope they win a lot of their games this season as they have a lot of good players on the team this year. 

“I’m very excited we have a lot of new people because all of our seniors from last year are gone, so I’m excited to see how we’re gonna do,” Quirke stated.

Senior Madison Bijak felt excited about this season, and also looking forward to her upcoming season. 

“I’m very excited because I did pretty good last season. I improved a lot,” said Bijak. “We struggle as a team sometimes, but I think this year we have a lot of good seniors. So I think we will win.”

The team is training hard for this upcoming season. Their first invite is coming up on April 20th.  

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