Extreme Weather

Photo from Chicago Magazine
Photo from Chicago Magazine

January 12th was the coldest day of the year with below zero temperatures and a -27 degree windchill.  

The recent streak of extreme weather has left over 2,000 flights canceled in the midwest and north east areas of the United States due to the lack of visibility. The extreme colds caused havoc for the Chicago roads due to the amount of black ice and blizzard like conditions. ABC Chicago stated, “Freezing rain is likely to spread across the area, possibly making roads, sidewalks, driveways and more slippery.  Power outages could be possible south of Interstate 80, Butler said, issuing an AccuWeather Alert.” The cold weather has not only affected airports but various schools in the area. H-F was one of several schools Illinois canceled in the early weeks of january.

ABC 7 reported, “we are experiencing many vehicles that have gone off the roadway overnight, numerous tow companies not responding until conditions improve and plows having to drive backwards just to keep the salt under their tires,” People are advised to be careful on the roads and avoid going any long or unnecessary distances to avoid accidents.


H-F has taken precautions to ensure the safety of its students during this cold weather period. H-F was closed for Jan. 12 and 16 due to unsafe road, path and windchill reaching as low as below zero. H-F has offered shuttle buses for students to avoid walking through the harsh winds and freezing temperatures. 

Principal Clinton Alexander said, “as we all know the weather is an act of God, we can’t control it, we can only respond to it.  I’m glad that we have the resource of E-learning provided to us by the Illinois State Board of Education because it allows us to still have a remote learning experience.“ Students are encouraged to bundle up with hats, gloves and various other winter gear before stepping outside and to carefully watch footing while walking on the path to avoid  slipping. 

Alexander also said, “we ensure that our building is warm and around grounds are shoveled and salted.  Our campus is unique because of the path; however, when time and resources permit, we provide transportation shuttles for our students.”  


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