Step into the step team

Step into the step team

Recently, The Voyager received a rumor that The Vi-Kings and Queens of Excellence also known as the H-F step team has not had a stable place to practice for a couple of years and they are ready for change. 

The H-F step team was founded in 1996 and since then they have had trouble with spaces to practice.

“Ever since I graduated, the step team never has had recognition or practice space,” head coach Wesley Stewart said. “We deserve the same recognition other sports have and the kids deserve and work hard for it.” 

Jasmine Baker spoke on the issue of practice space “The rumor is true, the step team has no place to call their own, we have had to reserve spaces like the cafeteria, sweatbox, dance room and the auditorium just to practice.


Other than the practice space ,Baker says the season has been off to a great start.   “Our season so far has been going well, sadly we have not had a competition due to the weather but I have no doubt in my mind we will be victorious in our upcoming competitions.”

Baker told us the way the team was able to bond “The team has bonded, thanks to our coaches Wesley Stewart, Lovie Greer and  Renard Singleton a, by having pizza parties together and creating new steps together to incorporate in our show.”


“Even with our reservations we somehow get kicked out of our reserved space. Regardless of not having our room we still make use of what we have and enjoy it because we have each other. “

Baker then provided a solution to their problem “If I could choose where the Vi-Kings and Queens of Excellence practice I would choose a room that can be called ours, hopefully, and soon a room will be given to the Vi-Kings and Queens of Excellence.”

Recently the step team did the H-F varsity halftime and showed out they had the crowd going wild, even the coach participated and the step alumni were right there in the front cheering.  but this is not their first performance on Dec. 2, 2023, they hosted a step competition at H-F and they did an amazing job. 

The Vi-kings and queens of H-F have had an amazing season and are ready for next season if you would like to try out or just get more information please email [email protected]

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