Showing creativity through dance

Showing creativity through dance

Do you ever get tired of normal, straightforward gym classes? Well, look no further, you can start dancing instead of finishing that mile run. Here at H-F, we have a dance class that students can take, taught by Kerri Elkei.

This class has two courses. With dance class 1 Elkei teaches all styles of dance, from ballet to tap to jazz and Contemporary. Dance 1 is only for one semester.For the second semester its  dance 2. This course is a little more advanced. This course consists of coming up with dances and choreography.

Although the classes have to take finals like other gym classes, it’s different. Arroding to Elkei, “Students create their dance using the technique we learn during the semester and record video and upload onto Google Classroom.”

There are many new units are arriving in the class according to Elkie   “Adding new units to keep the “evolution of dance”. Things have continued to change quickly so I think it is important to keep going and add in the trends of 2010-2020. Tiktok will be added due to its popularity, but we will be discussing how to make it “dance” and not just movement as there is a difference. The evolution of dance portion of the class is important so students understand how dance changes yet stays the same, and what has influenced dance styles and trends throughout the years to get to what is popular now

The second course is the performance and choreography class. This course is more advanced and is a two-semester class.

Performance and choreography has many units dealing with cultural dance where students research and creates a dance and present it to the school in a showcase. 

Although students don’t have to take Dance 1 to join the performance and choreography course“I prefer if the students take Dance 1 before performance and choreography to learn the more simple steps.” Elkie says. 

For many years, H-F has hosted a performance showcasing all of their hard work. The showcase is free and open to everyone and runs for about an hour and a half.

The showcase is all student-led. Performers come up with their costumes, lighting the music, and many more parts of the showcase. It consists of an opening number with solo duets and small group performances. 

So, if you want to come out and support your peers, join them in May!

Seniors Kamaura Coleman and Kayla Brooks are in the upcoming showcase this year and enjoying practice and participating in the upcoming show. 

Kamaura  encourages more students to join the class. According to Senior Kamaura it’s a great opportunity to show creativity. 

 “I recommend it to others if they want to showcase their art through dancing.” 


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