H-F Scholastic Bowl qualifies for Nationals

Scholastic bowl wins once again! Scholastic Bowl at the Masonic Tournament on 2/17.
Scholastic bowl wins once again! Scholastic Bowl at the Masonic Tournament on 2/17.
Carla Erdey

Scholastic Bowl is still hot and fresh as the H-F team is going to Nationals this upcoming April. The coaches and the students are working hard to get their win this season.
The H-F Scholastic Bowl team has just won second place in Nationals, and are hoping for more wins the following years.
“We took second place at a major tournament this season, and were semi finalists at multiple History Bowl competitions,” said Michael Sacks, Scholastic Bowl coach.
They are currently looking for bigger accomplishments in the future.
“We’re hoping for bigger success in the biggest competitions, but overall, we are always in contention and just need to come through in some big matches in the postseason to hit our highest goals,” Sacks said.
Even though they have won some phenomenal matches, they still struggle.
“The two biggest issues are team depth, requiring us to lean on inexperienced but talented freshmen and sophomores on varsity…and shoring up weaknesses on team knowledge,” said Sacks.
The team is working on improving their proficiency with literature.
According to Sacks, H-F has “had some matches where we’ve played outstanding against top teams,” but their weakness in literature has caused them problems. While the team has been very focused on strengthening science and math topics, they do not have any members who are particularly strong in literature or the arts.
One of their greatest strengths is Jack Piros.
While he’s a great asset he is sadly a senior and will be graduating this year. “Losing Jack will force the other returning players to raise the level of their performance,” Sacks said.
“I think everyone who’s interested should try out the Scholastic Bowl. The best thing for our team is always finding more players. I endorse it. It’s a great time. If you like trivia or game shows you should check it out,” Piros said.
Piros is one of the best competitors on the team, given all of them are great. He’s done Scholastic Bowl for many years now and he’s hoping to do more in the future. “I did it through middle school and since freshman year even when it was online,” Piros said.
Scholastic Bowl is difficult in its own ways, the rules and game plays are built on very strategical operation.
Toss-up questions are read and you buzz when you know it, with only one buzz per team. “They’re “pyramidal” questions, starting hard and getting easier, so whoever gets it first probably knew it best. Then, the team that got it correct goes into a bonus question round!” said Piros.
Make sure to congratulate the scholastic bowl team for their great wins so far in the season. Their season is hopefully still up and running until the last win.
Attend a Scholastic Bowl match, and see the great brains work their magic!

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