Taylor Swift is a mastermind

Taylor Swift is a mastermind

I love Taylor Swift and frankly, I’m tired of getting hate for it. I can admit she’s no God, and like any other artist, she has her faults. However, at the same time, she also has a lot of positive attributes.

Throughout her career, she’s had her fair share of scandals and public disputes, but she’s also been recognized for a lot of incredible and historic moments. Honored by Time Magazine as Person of the Year in 2023, Swift is now credited as the first woman to be featured more than once, and the first person to be recognized for their achievements in the arts.

There’s a reason she’s listed among former presidents, scientists, and activists and that’s because whether we’re all ready to accept it or not, Swift has led an incredibly impactful career. With an undeniable talent and exceptional lyricism, Swift is able to tap into the universal feelings of growing up, falling in love, and finding your place in the world. 

Making history yet again, Swift holds the title for highest-grossing tour of all time. According to Inc., her Eras Tour boosted the U.S. economy by $4.6 billion with 152 shows ranging across five continents. Fans traveling by plane, booking hotel rooms, and spending hundreds of dollars on tickets and merchandise in support of the singer-songwriter are why the economic state of our country is no stranger to what numerous media sites have been calling the ‘Swift Effect’

But the Eras Tour is more than just another marketing strategy, it’s also an incredibly nostalgic experience. The whole point of the tour is to revisit Swift’s past work as she finishes up the last of her re-recordings and as fans gather together, trading friendship bracelets and dressing as their favorite eras:  the community she’s created is truly beautiful to witness. 

 If you’re unfamiliar with what ‘Taylor’s Version’ is, here’s some background: In 2019, Swift’s former record label Big Machine Records was reportedly sold to record executive Scooter Braun. Despite launching the careers of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, for many Swifties, like myself, Braun will forever just be known as the man who tried to bully Swift out of fighting for her own rights. 

As a result of this business deal, Swift was no longer in possession of the masters for her first six albums and was denied the opportunity to purchase them back. Following a public call for action from Swift asking for her fans’ support, she’s spent the past few years re-recording and releasing what are essentially covers of her previous works. 

Not only is it a massive power move by Swift that has completely shifted the music industry, but it’s also inspired other artists with similar experiences as her to come forward. Additionally, with each re-record, Swift releases bonus tracks from what she calls ‘“The Vault”  which includes songs that were written during that era of her life but ultimately didn’t make it to the final product until now. 

I think this once again speaks to the community she’s created and just how strong it is. Swfties were quick to support her when she initially shared that she’d be re-recording her records back in 2019 and now with just two more albums left to reclaim, It almost feels as though she’s invited us to travel back in time to hear her hits from the past in a reimagined yet still reminiscent way.  

With all of this in mind, I can’t help but think that the reason Swift receives so much pushback is because people are afraid of a woman with so much power and influence. The idea that someone can have such a large outreach, numerous accolades, and from the looks of it, on the track of becoming even more successful, is scary. But why?

Perhaps it’s out of the ordinary to see someone like Swift succeeding in so many categories but she’s more than just a pop artist and she’s even more than just a businesswoman. She’s a mastermind. 


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