Why Spirit Fridays aren’t working?

Why Spirit Fridays aren’t working?

Spirit Fridays is the new way H-F has tried to get students and staff engaged, by bringing in special foods other than what’s provided in the cafeteria. 


H-F has so far come up with many ideas to get students engaged and in school spirit. The most recent idea is Spirit Fridays, but they don’t seem to be effective?


 The first Spirit Friday that occurred with special food was Chick-fil-A. This event ended up with a lot of chaos and altercations between people.


Spirit Fridays aren’t working because trying to bribe kids with food isn’t going to get people in the spirit. The only cause for that would be long lines of hungry teenagers and cause irritation and fights. This upcoming Friday is pizza from Beggars. Students and staff get to order pizza and be able to eat a whole box at school. Instead of waiting in long lines to get your food, students and staff now have to order the food ahead of time online on Go-fan. This is the fix for all the chaos and will make everything more efficient.


 So what would work? Is it more school assemblies, something that’s fun for staff and students? We could have better awards, cash prizes or just something special other than food to help the spirit. Something to get everyone involved and feeling good at the end of the week.


Junior Jason Haire says, “I feel like Spirit Fridays aren’t working because many people don’t like the ideas that have been made so far. If they did a poll and asked the student body what they wanted, maybe they’d want to engage more in Spirit Fridays. Spirit Friday is for the students to express themselves, so if we don’t have much say in what we want for the Fridays, nobody’s going to enjoy it.”


Other students have different opinions. Sophomore Charles Jones says, “We should have more engaging days like a fashion week or food week, even an animal week when we can have the animals from the Zoo-bot class out roaming something fun like that to keep people engaged.”


So instead of having the principal pick what we should do, I suggest that students should choose what they want to do for Spirit Fridays. This will keep everyone engaged and looking forward to  Spirit Fridays, and gives everyone an equal opportunity to vote on what we should do. 


So should we do something else other than food for the fridays?. Should we dress like our favorite celebrities, team jersey days, or even dress like your favorite tv scene. How else could we spice up these days that are supposed to be chill, rewarding and fun?

Sophomore Addison Hall says, “ they need a better system for how they pick the winners, like where to go to be acknowledged as a candidate. And there should be better prizes for the people that win”.


Patiently waiting to see how the rest of the year will go, has us questioning will these Spirit Fridays get any better and how so if they will? 

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