Is Klay thompson washed?

Is Klay thompson washed?

Looking at the past 53 games Klay Thompson has played incredibly inconsistently, leaving us with the question, “Is it safe to solidify Thompson as a washed-up player now?”


After a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and a ruptured Achilles tendon in his right leg, it has been a struggle for him to find a rhythm and help the team win games. 


Thompson is a shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors,  has played an important part in the four championships as a 3&D guard and was a big reason why the Warriors’ record in 2016 was 73-9 best record in NBA history. 


Coming into the NBA in 2011, Thompson was always a great shooter and defender. He’s well known for his 3-point shooting, as he leads the NBA in most made 3-pointers in a single game with 14. But with recent struggles and Thompson not being able to be the same player that he once was, you have to ask if he’ll still have a spot on this Warriors team after this season.


Thompson has not been able to help contribute to wins as much as he once used to. With the Warriors at 27-26 for the season, Thompson is averaging career lows with a 42.1% from the field goal percentage, a 37.3 three-point percentage and a career low in steals at 0.6%. 


These numbers easily portray Thompson as not-so-stellar anymore in his career.


According to CBS Sports, the number one goal the Warriors have is to get below the luxury tax line, a difficult task if Thompson returns on a hefty contract. Thompson went on to say in an interview with Spotify sports company The Ringer’s Logan Murdoch, “I’d be open to a reduced role if it meant staying with the Warriors.” 


Problems about the Warriors not being able to pay the all-star what he believes he’s worth and his lack of performance all point to trading Thompson as the right answer.


Fans are simply patiently waiting to see how the rest of the season will play out and how Thompson will perform. Will he end the season off strong and help bring the team to the finals or will he play bad and the Warriors don’t make it out the play in.


If this season continues to go badly, we will all be left with one major question, will it be the last season Thompson will be playing for the Warriors and if so what’s next?

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