What are the rights of a fan?

What are the rights of a fan?

How should the fan experience be and what are the rights of a fan supporting their team?


On March 4, there was a basketball game between Mount Carmel High School versus Saint Patrick High School. During the game fans of each team were screaming, shouting and cheering on their players. Without any problems, they were allowed to do whatever they wanted as fans in the crowd when it came to support. Another game that occurred was H-F versus Curie High School. The game had an ending of 60-58 with H-F winning the game and moving on to play in the state game.


As the game was going on there was lots of commotion with people complaining about H-F students cheering and standing up and cheering on their team. With students and teachers not listening to the complaints, UIC security guards and CPD were involved in the situation. 


“I think the requests made by our student section were unreasonable and unfair given the magnitude of the game and the pivotal moments in which we were asked to sit down. The power that a student section can have on the outcome of a game can’t be overlooked,” said H-F instructional coach and English teacher Reginald Brown. “Fans can help motivate players to fight on to victory and lift their spirits when adversity comes. I think more grace should be given by community members to students who are cheering for and encouraging their classmates to make history. The Kedzie Krazies are an important part of our school culture and should be allowed to responsibly and freely support H-F athletic teams.”


So what rights do fans who come to support and cheer on their team have? If you spend your hard-earned money to come watch something as simple as a basketball game shouldn’t you be able to enjoy the experience at least? 


Rights fans should have are the right to scream and cheer on their team. The right to stand up no matter where they’re etc.


So why is it that the other 3 schools get to do things like scream and stand up and give their overall support to their team? But H-F students and staff couldn’t? What’s the difference between H-F and them?


Now that the basketball season has ended, we patiently wait to see how the upcoming years and seasons will turn out. Will some of these problems change or will they stay the same ?

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