Blackhawk Fans: Stop idolizing Kane, use your brain

Tia Baldwin

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February 26, 2016

Recent rape accusations against Patrick Kane, a star player of the Chicago Blackhawks, have caused many die-hard fans to lose their sense of humanity.

Because of the Blackhawks’ huge success in recent years, an incredibly supportive fan base has been created.

They’ll wait in endless lines to watch the team practice. They’ll spend an upward of $3,000 on season tickets. They’ll venerate team members.

Most especially, they’ll support a star player when in trouble. Even when that player is accused of sexual assault.

Fans began to side with Patrick Kane immediately after he denied rape accusations made in August.

Some of these fans may have jumped the gun and did not look into the case as much as they should have.

Without gathering any information on the case, some fans decided that because of Kane’s legendary skill, he could never be involved in any rape case.

With an average salary of $10.5 million a year, many fans think that these rape accusations against Kane come from a woman who just wants some settlement cash for an act that did not happen.

However, because Kane is an actual human being, and not some ice hockey God, it is entirely possible that he could have committed a crime. This is not the first time that Kane has run into trouble because of drinking.

Kane’s situation seems more like an episode of Law & Order than a local rape case.

Despite this, it must be remembered that Kane should not be let off the hook because he’s a NHL superstar.

Kane should be treated as any person involved in a trial.

Only 32 percent of victims of sexual assault actually report their case.

If Kane is treated any differently, whether the rape accusations are true or not, victims of sexual assault will be further discouraged to come forward to the police.

In the past, as national headlines of false rape accusations arise, other victims are heavily affected.

Because these isolated cases of false accusations, victim-blaming becomes rampant. Victims of sexual assault are dragged through the mud and are called gold diggers and sluts.

Being a Chicago Blackhawk fan is definitely not the issue. However, when a fan idolizes players to the point where, in the fan’s mind, they can do no harm to society, it becomes a problem.

Before jumping to Kane’s side, Blackhawk fans should think of their own sisters, daughters and mothers.

Kane cannot be treated as above the law just because of his name and what color jersey he wears.