Senior drafts new petition calling for end of strict music policy

Less than a year ago, then-senior Brandon Levine started a petition requesting that the administration change their strict music policy.

The policy was a reaction to students singing vulgar language at last year’s Turnabout dance.

He drafted the petition on paper and searched for signatures.

The goal was to change the policy before Prom, however, this failed.

On Sunday, senior Shannon Dunne drafted her own version of a petition calling for, at the least, clean versions of famous songs to be played.

She says the current policy is “unfair” and that “something needed to be done.”

“I started this petition because I understand how much students care about music at the school dances,” Dunne said. “The point of a dance is to dance to music you like. Without this, the event is unenjoyable.”

Her petition is electronic, and already has over 1,000 signatures from students and parents.

Principal Dr. Ryan Pitcock says that these signatures have already caught his eye.

“That’s a large enough number to draw attention, obviously more attention potentially, but I think it’s at a significant threshold right now,” Pitcock said.

Furthermore, Pitcock is keeping the parents’ efforts in mind.

“Everyone is going to form their own opinions on what does or does not make a difference, but I think as an agent of the school, we serve the community not just the school community, so that speaks to parents as well,” Pitcock said.

Dunne says that her efforts follow those of Levine and others who wanted a change.

“I’m not presenting a new idea,” Dunne said. “I’m just trying to facilitate the change.”

The Voyager ran two articles on the administration’s music policy so far, which brought the topic to students’ attention.

Dunne says that the students need to be heard, and that eventually, they can’t be ignored.

“We deserve a say in the music that is played at our dances,” Dunne said. “I can’t expect that we will rid the music restrictions all together- that is not the goal. The goal is to get some of our freedom back.”

When asked if Dunne’s goal is attainable or not, Pitcock said, “If I were a student, I’d be optimistic that well-intentioned actions can change outcomes.”

Dunne’s petition can be accessed through her Facebook (Shannon Dunne), Twitter (@Dunne_deal__) and Instagram (Dunne_deal_).

You can also go to and search for “HF’s overly conservative music policy” to take part.