Let’s talk about Bill Cosby

Let’s talk about Bill Cosby.

1. Neither Cliff Huxtable nor Bill Cosby is your father.


I don’t care that you grew up watching the Cosby Show and he was such an inspiration and his career was just such a pivotal part in the black community.

At the end of the day, he’s just another man and you have no obligation to look out for him.

Just because he’s black doesn’t mean he can do no evil. Black men can do bad things, white men can do bad things, asian men can do bad things. ANY man can do bad things.

Yet some people will immediately swear on his innocence without even knowing all of the facts, and only because he’s black and was on every television set back in the day.

2. Bill Cosby should be in jail for rape.

In documents obtained by the Associated Press, Cosby admits to acquiring prescription drugs with the intention of using them on women he wanted to have sex with.

According to Sexual Trauma Services, anyone who is intoxicated or under the influence can not legally consent to sex.

Last year, Cosby’s attorneys said that two women allegedly knew and took the drugs willingly. Even so, it is still legally classified as rape.

Knowing all of this and more, I’d be a fool if I said these women were simply lying and he is innocent.

A naive fool.

Over 50 women have come forward and accused the celebrity of sexual assault. Despite this huge number, some people still accuse them of lying.

Again, people love to ignore the facts.

Only 2 to 8 percent of rape or sexual assault accusations are false, according to the National Sexual Violence Research Center.

I just don’t think it’s plausible that 58 women all got together and have been continuously telling lies for decades just to get his money.

3. White men who do equally terrible things, but are still free men has nothing to do with Bill Cosby.

This argument is equivalent to a teacher scolding a student just for said child to point at another kid before whining,”But so-and-so did the same thing and you didn’t yell at them!”

Excuse me, Little Johnny, but I’m not talking to so-and-so. I’m talking to you.

Yes people like George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson have done horrific things and I personally believe they should be in jail, that doesn’t have anything to do with Bill Cosby.

To the people making these arguments, what do you want the justice system to do? Just let Cosby off with a pat on the back in order to be “fair”?

Well, sorry, but life isn’t fair.