73-9 ?

Christian Evans, Sports Writer

The time for the Warriors to prove they are one of the best teams in history is rapidly approaching.

Regardless of their possible historic regular season, if they don’t do anything in the playoffs when it really matters, nobody will care.

The playoffs are where teams are made or broken, and I see them being broken.

They will sweep the Rockets in the first round.

James Harden cannot do it all himself, and because of his team’s inability to defend (107 OPG), the Warriors will have a much easier of a time scoring.

The Warriors will then play the winner of the 4 vs 5 matchup between the Grizzlies and Clippers.

I believe that series will be one that comes down to toughness and grit, which the Clippers don’t have.

However, with the loss of Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies don’t have enough firepower. I predict Clippers in six.

The rivalry between the Clippers and Warriors will be exciting to watch, with both teams being in the top ten in points per game.

The Warriors will win this series. The Clippers are known to choke, and they will do the same here by losing the final two games of the series.

Steph Curry and company will then play the winner of the second round matchup between the Spurs and Thunder.

The talent of Westbrook and Durant will lead to their downfall in this series.

At the end of close games, they will turn to tiring one-on-one ball compared to team ball for the Spurs, which will lead the vets to a series win in six games.

The matchup between the Warriors and Spurs will include two teams that will likely set franchise records in wins for a season and also are near impossible to beat at home (32-0 and 35-0 respectively)

Kawhi Leonard will neutralize Curry in this series, but the rest of the team will step up.

The Spurs do not have another premier defender to put on all-star Klay Thompson or a defender versatile enough to contain Draymond Green’s overall game.

The Warriors will be playing the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Raptors and Cavs.

The backcourt of Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan (45.7 points per game combined) will not be stopped in this series, but without much else, they will not be able to beat the Cavs in a seven game series.

The Finals rematch will be everything we thought it would be.

With six current or former all-stars between the teams, big play after big play will be made.

The Warriors beat a Cavs team that was without Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love last year, and that will be the difference this year.

I don’t see Lebron losing with a healthy supporting cast, however, Curry’s video game-like shooting ability will elongate the series to seven games.

The Cavs will win that game with Lebron bringing a championship back home.