What we allow to be famous

What we allow to be famous

Jaida Macklin, Design Editor

From the ‘Damn Daniel’ Vines, to the Kardashians, to Donald Trump himself, this generation, in particular, has a nasty tendency of enabling irrelevant components in our society to become immensely popular for no reason, besides them being slightly funny or simply outrageous.

For things like the Vines, I get it.

It was funny, but we often like to take things too far.

We’ll see something funny, take hold of it, and then ride it until it’s past dry and crusty, all the while annoying everyone in the vicinity.

It’s been what? A month now since the ‘Damn Daniel’ Vine exploded across social media, so why do I still have to walk down the hallways listening to random underclassmen laugh at their mediocre renditions of it?

You’re not funny, simple as that.

‘Damn Daniel’ is like the 2016 version of ‘What are thoseee?’

However, I’ll be damned if it lasts the entire year.

But let us not forget about the pests of society though.

For some reason, so many young people find themselves enamored over the black-men-fetishizing, culture-appropriating Kardashians.

I, for one, find myself disgusted.

I just don’t see what’s so entertaining about watching a dysfunctional family, but to each their own.

Now, when this annoying family does or say things that are annoying, we need to stop rewarding them with responses.

Every time you click on a link with ‘the latest gossip,’ you’re just increasing the profit of the website. Essentially, you’re supporting this disaster of a family.

Something people don’t realize is that complaining about people like the Kardashians or Trump only gives them more of a platform.

Every time you make a post on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter or any social outlet, you’re only making it worse.

We (most, hopefully) know that Trump is a complete imbecile, okay?

So you don’t have to cry about it on Twitter every time he says something ridiculous because, believe me, it’s going to happen a lot.

Every tag, click, or search only gives him more revenue.

When you give people attention, you’re essentially giving them power.

If most of us (including myself) had brushed Trump aside when he first came out spouting his nonsense, he wouldn’t be nearly as high ranked in the political campaign as he is now.

Instead, he’s everywhere: every news website, in your YouTube suggestions, and definitely all around social media.

Many of us despise him, yet we’re the reason he has so much platform.

So instead of resorting to Twitter to express your displeasure at someone, just push them from your mind.

They’re not worth your time or energy.