Being a Crazy GF 101

Taiylar Ball, Feature Editor

Listen ladies, despite popular belief, being a crazy girlfriend is not cute, nor is it healthy.

What makes a girl a crazy girlfriend? Of course, she’ll say that it’s because of her boyfriend when in actuality it’s her.

A crazy girlfriend is obsessive, possessive, and insecure. When you begin to find yourself “lurking” on your boyfriend’s Twitter or stalking his snapchat best friends, you’re tipping the crazy scale.

When you allow your insecurities to get the best of you and you begin to take it out on him, it’s a problem.

Take it from me, a self-proclaimed, EX-crazy girlfriend.

I’m not crazy anymore y’all.

The craziness could only lead to a few outcomes. You can either have an unhealthy relationship filled with fights and drama or no relationship at all.

Instead of hopping down your boyfriend’s throat after he liked that girl’s picture, you can take a deep breath and think about whether that’s a good reason to start a fuss.

It’s probably not, because liking a picture is not a good reason to start an uproar.

I have a few tips to avoid being that lunatic girlfriend.

First, don’t have double standards. It’s not fair that he can’t have girl best friends, but your BFF is basketball player Devon.

Think about how you would feel if it was him accusing you of something. You would feel like he didn’t trust you and that would hurt. Do not make it all about you because it takes two to tango!

Be sure to confront how you feel. Do not hold back and let it take over your life. If you’re not able to directly talk to him how you feel, then it’s not the relationship for you.

A partner is not only your bae, but a best friend too. You should feel comfortable to let him know when something bothers you.

If something is bothering you, sleep on it. When you don’t think about something and you act on impulse, it’ll only lead to chaos.

Trust me guys, I’ve been there.

Crazy girlfriends have even crazier friends. When your guy is frustrating you, please don’t run straight to the girls.

They will only fuel your fire and make you even more upset.

They will tell you that your crazy accusations are  right because “that’s what guys do.” Don’t let them be the reason your relationship doesn’t work. Talk it out with bae first!

Don’t be defensive when talking to him. There is a way to talk to someone without screaming and fighting.

Take a moment to think before you say. It’s very easy to say something you don’t mean when you’re upset.

The purpose of the conversation is to express yourself, not to hurt someone’s feelings.

Overall, relationships have those bad times. It’s up to you to fix it and work at it because that’s what love is. Give and take.

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. If you want something to change, you have to be the change too!