I Ain’t Sorry

Taiylar Ball, Feature Editor

The queen Beyonce said, “Put them hands high, wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye. I ain’t thinking about you.”
All relationships end two ways: you will either get married and live happily ever after or breakup.
I recently went through a breakup. As you all probably know, I was in a relationship with Albrey for a year.
The breakup was very long and very hard because we both did not want to let go. We tried to hold on to a relationship that we knew couldn’t work in our situation.
We were both unhappy, but ultimately didn’t want to fail at a relationship we had worked so hard to keep. I’m not a quitter, so he had to let me go in order for me to let go.
Let me tell you, I was hurt. After crying endlessly for hours, days, weeks and months, I had to realize who I was.
Don’t be like me.
You should give yourself time to hurt, time to heal, but you should not spend months crying. It’s not healthy and it certainly won’t put you on a road to getting over it.
Initially after a breakup, give yourself two week tops to cry. You will probably still feel sad, but crying is so dead.
After that, spend as much time with your friends as possible. Get dressed up, get cute, and go out. They should be there for you through this tough situation, so they can pump your head up and stroke your ego.
Somebody has to make you feel like the bomb, because you won’t be feeling like it.
Stay off of social media. Do not tweet about how sad you are or stunt on your ex’s name. That’s never a good thing. It won’t make the breakup any easier and it makes you seem bitter. After all, this person was once your world.
Unfollow your ex on everything. Do not stalk them. It’s only going to make you sad because they will be acting like the breakup doesn’t bother them and you’ll believe it.
Now after a few weeks have passed, you should be getting over it.
The process of you learning yourself over again begins. You have to get to know yourself without being someone’s significant other.
It’s important that you understand that you’re single. You may be thinking that this is obvious, but it’s really not. It’s easy to fall back into your old routine.
The journey to learning what you like, want and need in life is fun.
You can be happy single, very happy. In all honesty, being single is the most fun you’ll ever have.
After getting over a breakup and knowing my worth, my confidence soared. I no longer need to have someone there to tell me I am bomb, I just knew it. Confidence is within and you have to love yourself.
How can you expect someone to love you, if you can’t love yourself?
My relationship ended because I needed to go on a self-love journey. I needed to find myself, experiment, and try new things.
I am my main concern and my happiness comes first. I just needed a wake up call and the breakup served as that.