Sister, Sister

Bostick, Deckelman continue sisters’ legacy

Langston McHenry , Editor-in-Chief

Watching their sisters play together as teammates on the badminton team, juniors Ashley Deckelman and Jenna Bostick dreamed of being teammates when they reached high school.

“Ashley and I have been friends since before pre-school,” Bostick said. “Both of our sisters played badminton at H-F and our entire lives we grew up saying we were going to be doubles partners.”

However, neither Bostick nor Deckelman could have guessed the success they would share this season. After being partners for only the last half of the season, the tandem went on to win Conference, their Sectional and eventually qualified for State.

“It was a little difficult to make the change in as little time as I did because I had to learn to play with another person instead of just myself,” Deckelman said. “Overall I’m so happy I made the switch.”

The switch is one that head coach Rachel Fassl saw as a perfect fit.

“The two balance each other well,” Fassl said. “Jenna is more finesse and Ashley is the hammer. The two girls have a strong bond which is a major asset in doubles.”

After a two-hour drive filled with country music and sing-alongs, Deckelman and Bostick were ready to show Eastern Illinois why they deserved to be State qualifiers. Unfortunately for them, their first opponent would eventually place third in the state and their second in the top 20. They would lose both matches.

“My State experience was amazing,” Bostick said. “Most of the people there were seniors. We were among only a few juniors competing. It was amazing to see the different levels of play from across the state.”

Fassl is proud of her players apart the outcome.

“The girls played with heart against tough competition and never gave up,” Fassl said. “I am extremely proud how they never gave up. I look forward to seeing them grow over the next year.”

Stepping away from their State experience, Deckelman and Bostick have gained much knowledge and preparation for next season.

“I learned that [badminton] requires a lot of dedication if you want to make it to State,” Deckelman said. “I hope to improve on my overall skill for next season, so I can get farther in the State competition.”

Besides Deckelman and Bostick’s accomplishments, the badminton program overall had a very successful season.

“Looking forward to next year, we have strong players, strong leaders, hard workers and passionate badminton players returning,” Fassl said. “The girls all get along really well with one another. They have fun, but know when to work hard.”