Let’s agree to disagree

Lauren Mahome, Op-Ed Writer

Living in the south suburbs of Chicago, post-election, I am surrounded by many people that are hurting.

The fact that Donald Trump will be our President has alarmed and infuriated much of America. Then there are also people on the other end of the spectrum, where Trump’s victory is an achievement.

These clashing views have once again divided the American people. It has also created enemies among those who do not support the same candidate.

Where we are, we are all mostly surrounded by others with the same opinions. This makes it very easy to criticize and condemn any other existing perspective without a full understanding of it.

However, it was never that easy for me. Having one side of my family support Trump and the other side bash him has made me want to dig a little deeper into both points of view.

Having a sense of understanding is the only effective technique for learning about those that are different from you.

Instead of viewing people as ignorant, I feel that you should choose to engage in their differing perspectives and discover how those experiences contribute to their knowledge. An article from Calvin College proves that when we oppose views with others, we must concede on points where the opposition has shown reason.

Nevertheless, many people refuse to engage. I find that many people against Trump do not want anything to do with others that have an opposing idea. Just walking through the hallways in school, I can easily hear remarks such as “If you like Trump we cannot be friends.”

Why must a differing viewpoint be the deciding factor of our friendships? Well, I think elitism and stereotypes have a lot to do with it.

Many feel that if you are a follower of Trump, you then support his racist and sexist remarks.

Of course, I haven’t spoken with every Trump supporter in the country, but I do know that not all Trump’s supporters are like him.

Many that support Trump are in need for change in their small-town communities and disregard his ignorant comments. So, Trump gets their support, despite his vulgar comments, simply because he is the one candidate taking action for their needs.

Regardless of the reason, instead of becoming defensive and shooting insults at others for disagreeing with you, ask that they provide the evidence that supports their statements. This means communication and comprehension.

I am not asking that you put your opinion aside. I am not asking that you like Trump. All I am asking is to learn from each other. Be respectful and kind. Otherwise we get nowhere as a society. You don’t have to agree, but at the least, let’s agree to disagree.