4 years under Trump’s Regime


We have less than 60 days until an openly prejudiced man is expected to lead our country and about 1,400 days await until America has the opportunity to replace him.

Although I don’t think that the world will stop turning when Donald Trump  takes office, I do believe that things will change momentously. A lot can happen within the next year, and a negative atmosphere has already been created.

I have experienced an attitude  change in the people around me. Some turned into fake activists, some have given up on the country, some don’t take any of these things seriously and others think they can act ignorantly just because the President-Elect is doing it.

In addition, our President-Elect’s Twitter looks like it is run by a very aggressive teenager. Earlier this year,  Trump tweeted, “An extremely credible source has called my office and told me that @Barackobama’s birth certificate is a fraud.”

Also, his proposed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has even been called a “liberal’s worst nightmare”. The top agenda blasted on Trump’s website is a list that consists of building a wall on Mexico’s borders and  taking away Obamacare.

I never anticipated writing a column like this simply because I never thought Trump would become president. However, what worries me most are the people that support him.

During Trump’s victory speech, Ohio supported him by chanting “Build the wall” and “Lock her up.”  According to The Slatest, Trump supporters have also shoved protesters in the face at rallies. Even Trump’s campaign manager grabbed and pulled a protester at a rally in March.

The clash between Trump supporters and Trump haters is becoming more prevalent. I feel like the tension between people will define relationships. The friendships and bonds made within the next four years will be determined by whether you’re with Trump or against him.

The majority of minorities are now awake and can see the institutionalized racism in America. Within the next four years, there will be a resurgence of people sticking together, and a vast amount of activism groups will sprout.

I also see a lot of chaos and tension dramatically rising. The groups of non-supporters of Trump and the ones for him will be separated, and drama will unfold.

Younger people will be forced to become more politically aware, and a lot of harmful laws will be put in place, like building a wall to “cut down illegal immigrants.”

I worry about how our country will be socially, even though our country was in the same bad condition before.

I felt that America had become more positive with President Obama in office, but now it will become worse.

Hopefully, the next four years will not turn this country too far upside down.