Fresh Finish


Freshman Workplace Jeanne Miller’s freshman English class focuses on review prior to next week’s exams. This will be their first semester final in high school.

Brianna Lewis, News Writer

For the class of 2020, a monumental chapter in their high school careers is quickly coming to an end. On Dec. 23, H-F will let out for winter holiday, signaling the finish of the freshmen’s first high school semester.

Many returning upperclassmen, whether they be juniors or seniors, see the semester’s end as nothing more than one day closer to finally graduating from the institution that forces them out of bed in the morning. However, some freshmen have been thoroughly enjoying their first real taste of high school.

John Russell is one of those freshmen who has truly appreciated their first semester. He comes from Parker Junior High, and said that his view on high school has not changed since starting at H-F.

“I used to watch TV shows and movies about high school life, but they left out the not-so-fun parts of high school that I have to experience,” Russell said. “I still believe that high school can be fun, but you must go through parts you don’t like to appreciate the best times even more.”

During his time here, he’s been a part of the fall children’s production for H-F theatre, was previously on speech and plans to join the boy’s tennis team.

As common in years past, many of the freshmen come from the neighbouring schools of James Hart and Parker Jr. High, and some even attended high school courses while still in junior high.

However, the classes set primarily for freshmen are taught by teachers throughout the school such as Math teacher Robert Chapel.

Chapel has been teaching at H-F for 10 years, and he said that throughout the years, his freshmen classes have always been a bit nervous at the beginning.

“[They are] always scared at first. Always,” he said. “Some are overwhelmed with the academics of it, and some are overwhelmed by the social aspect of it. My honors students always nervous at first, but they’re aware that they have a lot to learn and are ready to do that.”

According to Chapel, his students are eager to learn how to be successful and not seem like a “know-nothing” freshman.

It’s always a challenge adjusting to new people, especially teachers, but sometimes the change is for the better.

“My previous teachers were good educators, but I feel that H-F teachers do not ‘baby’ you if you forget your homework or get a bad grade on an assignment or assessment,” Russell said. “I appreciate the strictness, because it helps prepare you for college and life by teaching you that life isn’t fair nor easy.”

Other freshmen, such as Hailey Sawyer, were slightly less enthusiastic about coming to H-F.

“H-F is easy,” she said. “It’s less intimidating now that I actually got into the flow of things. Everything’s more serious, and in my opinion, it’s really not that similar [to junior high].”

Sawyer attended James Hart for junior high and played on the girls H-F volleyball team.

Many of the freshmen try to make the best of each day they have at H-F.

“I go to high school everyday believing there will always be something to look forward to,” Russell said.