This JUSTin

Junior running back ranked 4th in state

Many have wondered if the HF Football team will continue their success with a the loss of the Harley Hampton twins, but Junior Justin Hall quickly gets rid of those doubts.

Starting the season off strong, he ran 82 yards for the first Viking touchdown of the season.

“It was kinda funny actually because I knew I was gonna score before the play,” Hall said. “As I was running I was just saying ‘OMG this is the first touchdown of the season and I’m starting it off right.’”

Hall has been a varsity starter since his sophomore year and is now the No. 4 ranked running back in the state, the only junior on the list.

“I feel blessed because not many juniors get the opportunity to get ranked let alone ranked fourth in the state being in the top five,” Hall said.

One thing that separates Hall from his peers is his ability to play both sides of the ball. Hall thanks a lot of people for his success, one being running back coach Albert Evans

“Justin is willing to play anywhere just to be on the field,” Evans said. “You get guys who just want to be at specific positions. His ability and willingness to play wherever he is needed is appreciated.”

Aside from being an exceptional athlete Hall has to juggle practices and schoolwork.

“The biggest thing would be trying to stay focused and not go back to my old habits of being lazy,” Hall said. “After football practice I’m really tired and I don’t feel like doing homework, but I just gotta push through that little thing in my head telling me ‘don’t do that homework.’”

College football is definitely in the near future for Hall. Receiving a number of offers and interest from schools all over the map, like Central Michigan, Iowa State, Vanderbilt, U of I and Mizzou.

With over 8 thousand views on his Hudl Website, Hall is definitely making a name for himself. Coach Howe, talked about how much of a stand out Hall really is.

“From the moment I met Justin when he was in 7th grade, I knew that he was just a different breed of kid, one of the special ones. From the outside in, people will look at Justin as a stand out because he is fast, breaks tackles, runs catches, interceptions and punts back for touchdowns, but from the inside what sets Justin apart from everyone else is his work ethic, his leadership and his unique ability to get people to rally behind him,” Howe said.

With the season still being early, the Vikings are off to a great start, but will need to keep getting better as the season progresses.

“Justin will be a very valuable piece of this team,” Evans said. “You can probably correlate a lot of Justin’s play to our record.” We are all looking forward to a great season this year and thanks to Hall and the team he has behind him we should see many more wins for your Homewood Flossmoor Vikings.