Migos Album Review: Culture


Erica Siliezar, Reporter

The first big album drop of 2017 is fa from a disappointment. The rap group, Migos, have stolen the spotlight in the past months with their newest single, Bad and Boujee.

This colorful song has been turned into jokes, and been shouted out by Donald Glover on the Golden Globes. Culture is an album that should be played at any time.

T-shirt, another single on the album, makes you want to dance on a snowy mountain with a huge fur coat. A lot of lyrics are a little explicit to reiterate, but the sound that Migos gives off is an underground rap energy.This album was a surprisingly pleasant album to listen to.

I had high hopes to the album because of Bad and Boujee and their album art is incredibly beautiful, but I did not realize how much I would enjoy these songs. You would love Migos if you listen to hip-hop, rap, or trap music. This artist would be referred with 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Travis $cott, and Future.