Principal search continues

H-F has been on the hunt for a new principal for the better part of the 2016-17 school year. Administrators, along with the help of students, staff and community members, have narrowed the candidates down to two who will be interviewed by the school board.

The new principal should be announced at the February school board meeting.

With an important decision in their hands, the board has welcomed input from a number of groups whose evaluations will help them make the final selection.

“The process had multiple panels with different members of the community with some students, faculty and other citizens of the H-F area. Each panel had an hour to interview each candidate and ask questions to help them understand what the position meant to them,” junior Chase Gray said.

Students whose needs may differ from that of the members of other panels felt as if the most important quality that they were looking for was a well-rounded candidate who had experience and enthusiasm.

“I was looking for someone who was ready to do their job, take responsibility and had invested time inside and outside the classroom. I want our principal to be confident, stern and enthusiastic,” senior Joshua Bellamy said.

Superintendent Von Mansfield declined to comment until the board made a final decision on the hiring.

Some students are optimistic about the school board taking their opinions into consideration.

“I hope the board will take our opinions into consideration because we are the school. We are the ones that will be most affected,” Gray said.

All in all, the H-F community is looking forward to welcoming a new principal who will start at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

Former Principal Ryan Pitcock was fired in the summer with one year left in his contract.