Real Education: Andrew Lindstrom

Over two decades of dedicating his life to H-F, and ready to devote many more.

  1. I learned that i have a passion for kids and to help them to be be successful. I have six children of my own. It gave me a lot of foundation that I could utilized.
  2. Technology is constantly changing. I took tech facts back to office. HF is a great place to meet people at different levels
  3. Usually people would call me, ‘Handy Andy.’ Fixing things. I like to understand how things work.
  4. I am born and raised in Homewood, and there is no better place to be. It is the neatest thing to come back here.
  5. Eventually i will try to come back to the board. I miss it more then everyone will ever know.
  6. Rebuilding the field house was my favorite memory of working with the board. That was just a great project, all the work that the finance did.
  7. You’re in the greatest place you can be. You will be able to go out in whatever career you will go into.
  8.   When I became a parent, I learned that every child learns differently. It gave me a lot of foundation that i could utilized.
  9. When I went to hf,  there were 4000 people and no north building. You were classes with 35-40 kids per classroom. Teachers would have the ability to interact with you better today.