Confessions of a Side Chick part 2


Keithina Montgomery

So yes guys I am back again to deliver you the joke that is my life. Unfortunately, I have another tale of how I was undoubtedly the side chick once again. This occurred a couple of months ago around the reunion of me and my best friend Ayanna.

With this reunion we of course had to celebrate by hitting the city and making it ours. So for the sake of privacy reasons we will the disguise the names of the alleged offenders, because this time once again it was not my fault and I fell victim.

I spent the whole day at Ayanna’s house just catching up on old times. We went to the movies, the mall, and got our nails done for our night. Our ride “Ryan” was outside so we left for the city.

The party we were going to was on the campus of UIC so it was a college party. Of course we were both excited at the thought of gorgeous college boys wanting to talk to us, so we strutted in the door not looking back.

After numerous cups of punch and water shots we were pretty much done with the liquids for the night. Me and Ayanna were off in the corner dancing without ride Ryan, who I forgot to mention graduated from HF two years ago. So were dancing and then comes over this boy who is obviously overly dressed in designer from head to toe at a house party.

Let me stop down playing him, he was a cutie and he was feeling me and so was I to him. We started talking and basically hit it off; he was cool but kind of headass too. The mystery man’s name was “Alex”.

So it’s getting pretty late and the party is coming to an end. Ayanna has been next to me the whole time I was talking to Alex, and apparently she has something for the boy Ryan who drove us here. They were caked up in the corner of the party while I was talking to Alex which was at least for an hour.

Ryan tells us it’s time to go and Ayanna pulls me to the side and asks if I would ride with Alex to she can be alone with Ryan. Being the great friend I am, I of course got into the car with Alex. He drives me all the way back to Ayanna’s house in the suburbs and as we pull into her neighborhood he put the car in park and proceeds to eat my face.

I was honestly over it, and wanted to go to sleep so I broke away and he dropped me off at Ayanna’s house, we exchanged numbers and that was it. The next day he texted me and I never responded just cause I wanted to leave it as what it was, I wasn’t looking for anything serious.

A couple months past and Ayanna is back in Texas and I’m in journalism class. I receive a notification from twitter of a direct message from Ayanna. I then proceeded to open it and lo behold she sent me Alex’s twitter profile saying “he tried to fwy but he got a gf” and I didn’t really care because I haven’t talked to him since and didn’t want to.

I click on his profile and scroll to his pictures and boom turns out his girlfriend was once my best friend. I immediately felt terrible and couldn’t believe he would cheat on her especially since she is in the army. I opened my messages and texted the girl “Amy” and told her exactly what happened and how I was unaware that he had a girlfriend and how sorry I was.

She replied back not mad at all saying that her and Ryan are working things out and I thought in my head “she’s getting back with him?” but I didn’t tell her that I just kept saying sorry.

Sooooo the moral of the story is Amy was not mad at me and isn’t gonna get her army friends or shoot me in sleep. Just please remember kids don’t get in a ca with someone you just met don’t kiss someone you just met and especially don’t take one for the “team”. Learn from my terrible love life boys aren’t worth it.