Let’s talk homecoming advice


I started my junior year with two school dances under my belt. Both of them were H-F homecomings.

One of the dances went pretty smoothly, especially considering I have crippling social anxiety.

However, the other homecoming I attended took me and the group I went with for a bit of a loop.

As a pageant girl, I have a stash of high heels and designer dresses ready at my say.

So, of course, I pulled the whole nine yards to “impress” people at these dances.

Of course, there was this guy. We talked, but the girl he was with before me was not having any of that.

My group coincidentally walked in right after her, and for the first half of the dance, she was telling our mutual friend “I need to talk to Brianna.”

Basically, it took one hour, three Rihanna songs, a watered-down Gatorade, some stale cheese puffs and a few early 2000s jams to get me to talk to her, and when I did, she had nothing to say.

After all of this transpired, she texted the guy about our little “conversation, and he “text yelled” at me all night, but that was fine though. Like I said: classic.

Now, I know everyone has different homecoming experiences, but I’m going to tell you how to avoid having one like mine.

The first thing you need to realize is trying to fit in at this school is not nearly as profitable as you’d think.

This includes conforming to their clothing styles, behavioral patterns, etc.

This school is so large, whatever name you make usually isn’t going to last (unless it’s a bad reputation).

You really don’t have to go all out for one dance unless you’re running for court or you just really want to.

Also, for all my heel-wearing friends, let’s make a rule. If your heels are higher than your standards, take them off.

If you’re anything like me at school dances, which is what we’re trying to not be, you’ll be walking to the car barefoot holding a pair of six-inch heels.

Secondly, this is most likely going to be more of a “friends” dance more than anything. I’m not saying couples shouldn’t go, but Cotton Eyed Joe isn’t exactly move making music.

However, if you really just want that date, I’d highly suggest going in a “couples group”. That way, you get to have your friends and a date.

Not to mention the glorious homecoming carpools and group send-offs you’d experience.

Another thing I’ve learned is sometimes you want to go with someone, but they’re not always going to ask you in the time frame you’d like. Especially if they act like Mr. Angry Pants.

Instead of worrying about the perfect outfit or date, enjoy the week of festivities beforehand to the fullest extent, but please don’t be a part of the one group that the rest of the school is annoyed by.

Enjoy the games, and don’t forget no matter what you wear, it’s not in dress code.