Some Things are meant to be Strange

Chloe Kapica, Feature Writer

Return to the strange town of Hawkins, Indiana that has your daily dose of friendly cooks, eerie men in white lab coats and one weird alien that will make you scream in terror.

Season two of the Emmy-Nominated series, Stranger Things, created by the Duffer Brothers, returns to Netflix on Oct.27th, right around the corner from Halloween. It is sure to be filled with more horror and drama than the first season.

The beginning of season one was a roller coaster ride, the setup of a nightmare that is only the start of something more terrifying and insane than ever before.

Set in the year 1983, Stranger Things is about a 12-year-old boy, Will Byers, who goes missing without a trace.

When his mother, Joyce Byers, confronts the town’s sheriff, Jim Hopper, and he immediately gets entangled in an insane case filled with twists and turns.

Will’s older brother, Jonathan, is determined to help find his younger brother no matter what, so he teams up with Nancy Wheeler, igniting the beginning of an unknown friendship.

In the meantime, Will’s best friends, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are searching for their friend in the woods when they come across someone else that will turn this case upside down.

In the season two trailer, it was shown that there was a new monster coming. Something bigger and scarier than the first.

As Michael Jackson’s, Thriller played in the background of the trailer, the three boys were dressed up as Ghostbusters preparing to go trick-or-treating throughout the small town of Hawkins.

However, a new, menacing monster has come to threaten Hawkins, but a certain someone may have the power to defeat it.

I am squealing with joy at the sight of a second season. Stranger Things is the creepiest thing since The Twilight Zone. It is a combination of Poltergeist and E.T.. Having the strangeness of Poltergeist that keeps you sucked in and the sentimental storyline of E.T.

Throughout each episode, you see each character grow and learn a little more about themselves.

I love Joyce’s tenacity to never stop searching for her son, no matter how many people tell her he’s gone. Hopper questions the case throughout the entire show; it’s craziness is like a complex Rubik’s Cube for him to try and solve.

From Star Wars all the way to Dungeons and Dragons, it is perfectly nerdy in every way.

I am hoping season two is just as terrifying and blood-pumping as the first. Season two has even more 80’s fun, bringing Ghostbusters and Dragon’s Lair into the mix.

Even though the people of Hawkins have already defeated one monster, I cannot wait to see what more comes from the other side of the upside-down.