A-Building Bathrooms closed until November

Jasmine Franklin & Shannon Wallace , News Writers

Students saw “Do not Enter” tape in various parts of our school as H-F undergoes major construction.

The main entrance in south building and grounds right off Governors Highway are some of the visible changes the community has seen. There are many additional renovations expected to take place throughout the next few years.

The main entrance in South was renovated over the summer to match the same “aesthetic” as the North Building atrium.

The A-Building bathrooms were not included in the renovation and haven’t been available for use since school started. After the atrium was completed the A-building bathrooms began renovations.

“We knew if we included the bathrooms in the plan to renovate the main entrance at the same time then we wouldn’t be able to open the school on time,” Custodial Department Chair Tom Wagner said.

The A-building bathrooms had original piping from when H-F first opened up in 1959. This adds extra time to the renovation.

However, A-Building bathrooms are predicted to be complete by November. Many students find it difficult to schedule using the bathroom with this prominent location closed.

Mansfield said additional renovations are expected to begin over the next few years.

”The next renovation will be the pool area, It was built in 1992 and hasn’t been updated since then. We will look into the fine arts department as well. We may combine the art and music area. We will have to add some additional classrooms,”  Mansfield said.

Kelli Bentley, the mother of senior Hayli Bentley, was affected by the construction of Governors Highway because she lives near one of the main construction sites, Calvary Church.

“It’s a major thoroughfare leading in and out of our division. I was glad that it was only temporary”, Kelli said.

The 100 year plan project on Governor’s Highway is from the Metropolitan Water District. This project takes the biggest flooding issue predicted in 100 years, and moves the water away from the school.

“It’s been a long standing project to decrease the flooding, with the pond over flowing and the homes around the H-F back path, this project was an opportunity to keep all of that from happening again,” Superintendent Von Mansfield said.

The water will now be pushed toward 175th street. There will also be a retaining pond near Calvary Church. The process is expected to last until early spring.

The football field was also renovated over the summer. Wagner said the football field turf was at it’s “10 year period”.

“It was time for it to be redone because it hit the life expectancy maximum,” Wagner said.

Mansfield said administration goal is to ensure “our community is proud” of our school.