2K is taking my bae

Jaira Stanley , Online/ Social Media Editor

Jaira Stanley
2K meme

Ladies, if you have noticed that your phone has been on a dry spell for about a month, you should know 2K18 came out this September, and teenage boys are isolating themselves in their rooms.
Girlfriends are just an afterthought; the only person they are really care about is Kyrie Irving and his tricks.
So what are the girls to do? The facetime calls are over, no more quick responses and you can say goodbye to those morning texts.
I’m here to tell you that you aren’t the only one. Plenty of ladies have had 2k stories.
Here’s mine.
I used to date a game head; he would always play Call of Duty, Black Ops, and 2K. If he wasn’t playing video games, he was watching Youtube videos about them.
It got to the point where he would barely even text back.
I used to get texts from him every two hours, and it would be some one-word reply that didn’t even make sense to the conversation we were having.
The phone calls were worse; when we would get on the phone, he’d have that headset on talking trash to his friends, and I would think he was talking to me.
I’d hang up and he wouldn’t even notice until half an hour later.
Like I said, ladies, I feel your pain.
The new 2K game is supposed to contain new updates, according to SBNation, “In this game mode, you’ll play as a former player who suffered a career-ending injury six years prior.” Now you’re at the helm of an NBA franchise.
Whatever that is supposed to be or mean, guys love it.
Guys don’t play games about 2K either. Junior Jada Winn has the story about how she showed her boyfriend up and his reaction.
“I went to his house after Thanksgiving; we were just goofing off and made a bet that if I beat him he owes me three dozen doughnuts and if he won, I had to bake him a cake. We did best of three and I won.     He literally picked me up and locked me out the house into his backyard,” Winn said.
The real question is how do you win your man back.
I recommend asking him to teach you how to play the game.
Don’t get too good to where he wants to throw you out in his backyard, but be good enough that it’s a good game.
Often we want people to indulge into what we want, but every now and then to make your relationship stronger, you should find yourself doing something that isn’t about you.
Guys, I understand that it’s 2K season, and everyone is going to be talking about it, but don’t forget your girlfriends.
Take an hour out of the virtual locker room and spend time with your girl.
Go to a movie together, go to the park or send her a cute good morning text.
It’s not hard. 2k will still be there; it’s not going anywhere.