Taking it off the field


Jasmine Franklin, News Writer

   Last Friday, the Varsity football team moved off the field and into the classrooms of Serena Hills Elementary in Chicago Heights.

    Every classroom included at least one football player, who came in and participated in various activities such as football jeopardy, grammar, math and reading games with the students.

    The Serena students were excited to meet the team and enjoyed hanging out with the football players.

     Naasir Ejalonibu, a fifth grader at the event said he was “Inspired” by the day.

    “It was encouraging having the football players here because I want to play in the NFL one day,” Ejalonibu said.

    This was the second year the Vikings joined forces with Serena during the football season. The staff at Serena Hills were ecstatic to have our football players come back again this year.

   Serena Hills Principal Dr. Shari Demitrowicz said the football players are “Awesomely fantastical”.

   “They are exceptional role-models for our students. It’s great when they visit because it shows our students they can be anything they aspire to be,” said Demitrowicz

    Associate Head Coach Tom Cicero “enjoys” participating in this event. He believes the players learn a lot about being “role models” in our community.

    “These elementary students are the same students supporting us on Friday nights and it’s really cool seeing the team in this environment”

    The players felt like they were treated like celebrities from the energetic students. After participating in gym class, the school wide earthquake drill, and answering many questions, they even got to autograph some photos.

   Jermarie Ratliff said the experience was “memorable” for the players and elementary students
“It was a nice experience, The kids were so kind and interested in us. They treated us like super heros, Ratliff said. ”