Shamelessly Broken


Karina Duncan, Feature Writer

With a house packed to the brim with six crazy kids, it’s insane to watch a drunk father deal with each and every one of their individual problems.This Chicago born family that has such unique characters that you just fall in love with is coming back for it’s eighth season on Showtime.This show has become a big hit since it has been released on Netflix.

This south side show is based off of an always drunk father Frank Gallagher,who has six messed up kids. The mother of the kids shows up every once and while, leaving the kids to fend for themselves.  With the kids having to basically raise themselves with the parents in and out, causes a lot of conflict in the story. Every kid has something wrong with them and it gives the show so much to watch.

In the last season, they left us wondering what will happen with the mother after finding out she has cancer. We the audience, ask why she comes back in the first place. Does she want anything from the kids or does she actually want to change?

The oldest daughter Fiona, who runs the family, bought a laundromat and completely turned it over. With the money she had got from it, lets the family not be in chaos over money situations. This really helped the family not to be stressed with money issues.

The youngest daughter had a baby last season, she struggles with her family accepting her decision and having her baby daddy nowhere to be found. She is trying to find a job, but in the meantime she finds a handicapped man who can help take care of her daughter.

On Sunday November 5, the 8th season came out with a really good start to the story. Everything looks like it’s finally falling into place, but knowing the Gallaghers this won’t last that long. With the kids growing up, and with them finding out what they want in life.

The whole show is something different, it shows how close a family can be while so much is going on. This show for me has helped me see that not everything in your family life has to be perfect.It gives the audience a sense of hope that it never really can be that bad. Whatever situation you are going through, you will get through it.

It showed me that mental illness is a big problem. I really love the cast. They really make you feel that you are apart of the family. They make you feel like you are actually in the show and you are experiencing what is happening. I recommend this show to anyone who loves to binge watch and anyone who enjoys dark humor.