Coco pops of Colorful Magic


Photo Courtesy of Disney Pixar

Musical-filled movie: Disney Pixar’s Coco sold $280 million worth of tickets. Coco came out on November 22nd, 2017

It is incredible to see a small boy somehow end up in a brand new world, leaving his small hometown, far away from his normal life.

Coco is the new Disney- Pixar Movie that is breaking, not only box office records, but boundaries. The unique storyline is about a young Mexican boy named Miguel who discovers that one of his past relatives was a musician. He accidentally ends up travelling to the Land of the Dead to find him.

While traveling through the Land of the Dead, Miguel runs into a jokester skeleton named Hector, who helps Miguel find his talented family member. The two go on an adventure through the Land of the Dead, meeting new people, singing in a talent show, and escaping Miguel’s passed relatives who want to send him home.

This music-filled movie is constantly glowing with color. As soon as Miguel enters the Land of the Dead, the audience can see the way the lights reflect off of each other. The animation is truly stunning and the colors pop off the screen.

Not only is the animation beautiful, but the music, without a doubt, ties the movie together. Each and every song has a unique touch with a mix of guitar, trumpet, drums and so much more.

I loved how this film had a strong sense of family. Miguel was always disagreeing with his family, but he soon realized the true meaning of it. Family is what keeps you sane.

However, the beginning of the movie it is slow. Of course Miguel can not just suddenly appear in the Land of the Dead. He has to have a reason.

The first twenty minutes of the movie are spent demonstrating how Miguel’s family loathes music and how Miguel has a dedicated passion for it.

Coco is constantly jumping off the screen with a bright palette of colors that makes the movie what it is.

Each character is unique and has their own personality that makes them different from all the others.
Pixar has put their very best effort into making a detailed movie that involves every piece of behind-the-scene work from camerawork to animation, to lighting all the way to writing.

In the end, Coco was a colorful film filled to the brim with the wonderful Disney-Pixar magic that keeps audiences coming.