Jasmine Franklin, News Writer

For nearly 15 years, H-F has participated in Holiday Angels, an exclusive and school-wide initiative to extend a helping hand during the holiday season.

Holiday Angels is an event connected with Flossmoor Community Church. It’s mission is to help less fortunate families in our area.

According to Activities Director Gail Smith, about 16 clubs are participating this year.

Co-sponsor Zenia Smith said that the process of assigning a club to a needy family was fairly simple.

“Each organization was assigned a small, medium, or large group. Flossmoor Community Church acts a clearinghouse anonymously for distribution of the family’s names,” Smith said.

Friends of Rachel Sponsor Cathy Frederickson said F.O.R has been participating in Holiday Angels for many years.

“We typically fund raise $300 from outside of the club and the rest from within the club to purchase donations for the families we sponsor. This year we even had a donation from an alumnus to honor the memory of his grandfather,” Fredrickson said.

Key Club Sponsor Tanya Maka said that they were assigned a family that was robbed.

“Our family is a hard working family who support each other in every way possible. We will provide gifts for a mother, father, and three girls ages two 10 and 16. Our family was robbed of all their valuables,” Maka said.

The Viking Broadcasting Company also provides for a family in need each year. Public Relations Director Grace Sowacke was in charge of coordinating the fundraiser for the VBC.

“A lot of our staff members pitched in and our teacher Mr. Ciesielski is going to match everything we fundraise. This motivated many of the students to help our family,” Sowacke said.

Head DECA Sponsor Mr. O’Neill said that DECA is looking forward to providing gifts for a family in need for the first time.

“When I saw the opportunity arise through our school email, I contacted the coordinator of Holiday Angels, “O’Neill said. “Within a day or two, we had our wish list as well as the information about the family we were sponsoring.”

Once clubs are assigned a family, the Flossmoor Community Church distributes the families wish list.  

“Most of these families ask for simple gifts like socks, coats, and shoes, simple things that sometimes we overlook and take for granted,” Fredrickson said.

Senior F.O.R Leader Rose Sammons said that she enjoys participating because it helps give back to the community.

“I think we take a lot of things for granted, so I like that we can give back to families in need and continue to spread kindness,” Sammons said.