Modern Music Artist to Know: Noname


Fatimah Nyeema Warner, better known as her stage name Noname, is a Chicago poet and rapper. Formerly known as Noname Gypsy, She began rapping and performing in 2010 at a poetry contest. However, she dropped Gypsy from her name in 2016 after learning of the negative racial connotation towards Romani people.

Her stage name comes from not wanting to be confined to any labels. Noname gained recognition for her collaboration with Chance the Rapper on the song “Lost” from his popular mixtape: Acid Rap.
Noname spent three years working on her 2016 debut album “Telefone.” This album, classified under hip-hop and rap, offers a neo-soul and R&B vibe as well. She conceived “Telefone” as a way of introducing herself to her audience through songs framed as cell phone conversations. This artist offers a unique type of music that isn’t in mainstream music now. Her album holds features with artists like Smino, Saba and Raury. Noname recently held three sold-out concerts at Lincoln Hall on New Years Eve weekend.