H-F adds art to STEAM night.


Jasmine Franklin, News Writer


H-F will be incorporating fine arts into STEM making it this year’s STEM night the first ever STEAM Night.

Across America there has been an epidemic of schools including art with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) making it STEAM.

STEM night has been an event at H-F since 2013. This event gives students and parents the opportunity to hear from professionals in the STEM field to obtain information about STEM careers.

Director of Curriculum Nancy Spaniak said she is excited for the new change that includes the arts.
“Everything in nature has a design, as well as everything that’s been made by humans through our ever-growing understanding of science, technology, engineering and Math. Therefore, adding the ‘A’ for ‘Art’ to expand from ‘STEM’ to ‘STEAM’ makes perfect sense,” Spaniak said.

Senior Camela Moore is involved in many rigorous science and math courses. Moore said that fine arts should be incorporated into STEM.

“The arts are what really drives us as people. It is in our culture. It’s just as important as STEM. Art brings a creative element that already exists within STEM,” Moore said.

Fine Arts Department Chair Jackie Wargo said that this inclusion may bring new opportunities for students.

“It may open their eyes to ideas they had never before considered. Students already involved in STEM may begin to see the relationship and value of the arts in their education,” she said.

One out of every three students at H-F take a fine arts course.
Guidance Counselor Roberto Suarez is in charge of coordinating STEAM night. Suarez said changing STEM night to STEAM night will add a new element.

“We wanted to try adding art to STEM this year. Adding art to STEM is a movement in which we add creative and imaginative design to problem solving,” Suarez said.

In addition, the fine arts facilities will be expanding renovation in years to come.
While some believe that art already has an underlying part in STEM and should be included, others disagree.

Senior Stephen Morrow, who is involved in several fine arts courses, said he does not support the change.

“Fine arts should definitely be its own thing. As a fine arts department we are breaking down so many barriers by ourselves. We are planning on getting an extension to make our department grow even more,” Morrow said. “Fine arts has just reached the surface at H-F and will continue to grow on its own.”
STEAM Night will be held Tuesday, Feb. 6 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in E-1.

Suarez said that STEAM night is an educational opportunity that will offer many benefits.
“The main benefit for adding art is helping individuals incorporate creative designs to problem solving,” Suarez said.